Eevee Life

Eevee Life

here's a funny, mysterious, adventurous, cool, and imaginary story for you and your friends to read! take care and be safe

published on May 24, 201466 reads 19 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

Baby Candy, Flair, and Katlyn

once upon a time, there was a clan of eevees and their evolutions. they would fight, they would play, they would sleep, and they would hunt. they do all kinds of day, at the peaceful forest, there was a pregnant leafeon named Becka. the one who will be the father is Bolt the jolteon. a couple days pasted by and the babies were born in a cave where only Becka, Bolt, and all of the newborn eevees now live. the others moved to a new cave.Bolt named the male while Becka named the two females. Becka named one Candy, which had a tiny shine picture on her fluffy neck and she named one Katlyn, which had no marking on her neck. Bolt named the male eevee, Flair. Flair had an ember shape on his fluffy neck. the two parents stared at katlyn, confused."where's your marking?"Becka asked to Katlyn.
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Comments (2)

I like it
on July 14, 2014
Do you mind a bit of grammar, other than that- it's good.
on May 24, 2014