Love is like a Rose

"Love is like a rose. It hurts when you try to have it." A lone girl named Gracie is strucken in awe after meeting the girl of her dreams. Is it all what it's cracked up to be, though?

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Chapter 1.


Gracie was doing her usual walk, glancing around the retail. She was going to buy something for herself, since she got her bonus check.

Gracie heads to the counter, ready to purchase some elegant jewelry until her eyes meet a gorgeous woman.

Her soft blonde locks complimented her faint smile. Her brown eyes reminded Gracie of chocolate. Point is, she looked like an angel.

"Hello, is that all, ma'am?" The lady behind the counter says.

She couldn't believe her eyes. Sadly Gracie has suspected she would already have a significant other, and if she didn't, was probably straight.

She nodded her head at the question, almost forgetting that the lady asked the question. The lady smiled and grabs a bag for her. "Perfect! I hope you have a great day!"

Gracie had to see her again.
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