Paracosm: a detailed, prolonged imaginary world created by a child that includes humans, animals, or alien creations.

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        Sometimes I wonder what made the first domino fall. You know, like the domino effect. Maybe it was my mother coming back. Maybe it was my best friends coming into reality. Maybe it was the shadows that followed me everywhere. Who really knows at this point, it's just been one big downward spiral. All that's left of me is a stupid feather, a simple - well not that simple it's actually pretty cool looking - feather that was the beginning of my adventures, and the reason I'm dead.
        Yep, I'm dead. You're reading the thoughts of a dead woman who's far from normal. I don't really know where I am, I don't have any eyes. I can't hear anything, I don't have any ears. I can't feel anything, I have no body. I'm just a feather, forever drifting in the void. Wow that sounds really depressing...
        Anyways I just wanted to tell you a small warning before you start wandering through my life. Everyone has a dark side, don't go digging for it.

        My story starts with me being born, like any other normal child. I had a mom, and a dad, and for the first seventeen years my life, everything was perfect. We lived in a big house, basically a mansion. (My parents were rich scientists) I went to this really rich prep school, I mean like the stereotypical kinds you see on TV. Yea, that kind. I was a good student, had perfect grades, was first chair flute in the band, I was pretty too. Although, I didn't have friends. It wasn't like I couldn't make any, and trust me I tried. I just always felt, different. Like I wasn't meant to be there. Though, I remember having a few imaginary friends. In fact they're actually pretty important to my story and life.
        Hope. Hope was my first imaginary friend, she was there since I was born, and was my best friend. She was a faerie, about as big as a mouse, and really fast. Her hair was a deep royal purple, and was tied back with a red string. (Which was full of magic that kept her small) Her skin was as smooth as chocolate, and the same color too. She was very bubbly, childish, and loved to play pranks on me. One time while I was getting ready for school, she hid my favorite pair of shoes in a bookshelf in the library. I was late that day because of it. In the end she would play a big part in my story, but I had at the time when it all started.
        Cyto. Cyto was not really my idea, she just kinda appeared when I turned seven. She didn't talk much, she didn't have too, but she was super protective. You could always see what she wanted to say through her eyes. She was beautiful in a forgetful way. Like if you walked down a busy street and she passed by you, you'd think she was pretty and then be on your way, forgetting about her as quickly as you noticed her. She had peach skin, and her face and shoulders were covered in freckles. Her almond hair was pretty much always in a pony-tail, but she had a bunch of wisps in her face. The thing that I liked most about her was her eyes. Normally they were a bright, emerald green, and glittered like a gem. Remember how I said she was protective? Yea that ties into her eyes. Whenever something bad is going to happen, her eyes turn silver and leave this trail of silver mist from them. I know to let her do as she needs when this happens, because her actions always save me from being hurt (or almost killed on a few occasions). She was my guardian, I trusted her.
        And finally Charles. Leave the best for last am-I-right? Charles liked to be called Char, and he was basically the voice of reason in our group. He appeared when I turned twelve, and again, I didn't think him up. Thinking back maybe if I would of just listened to him maybe I wouldn't be stuck here. Char looked like he was in collage. Shaggy, dark brown hair, big framed nerd glasses that hid hazel eyes, and a habit of over-reacting. I like to think of him like an angelic version of Jack Frost. Why? Well because he had these huge ice-kissed white wings. Obviously his favorite season was winter, he would be flying in the sky as it snowed and look like a child on Christmas. In the summer he would make it snow in my backyard, we would all have snow ball fights and build snowmen. He was always proud of me when I brought back good grades from school. I miss him.
        I know what you're thinking, "This girl is crazy! She's acting as if these imaginary friends were real!" and the truth is, maybe I am. Maybe I'm trapped in a coma because I saw beings that no one else could see or hear. But I know that they've always been there for me, they protected me, and even if for a few moments, they were real to everyone.
        Now onto what you actually came to see... hear... read... experience? Oh who knows at this point. Anyways, my story begins one cold fall morning...
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