Phoenix Isle

My great, great, great grandfather had started telling it to his kids and it became a tradition to tell as a bed time story. I wanted to keep it as original as possible so that whoever reads it would be reading an authentic piece of my history. I really hope that you enjoy reading this story.

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Phoenix Isle
Chapter 1.

The Discovery of Phoenix Isle

Cyrus was sailing on a boat with his crew members (Dylan, Martin, Adam, Chris, and John).  They had all been sailing for days and days in the cold Arctic with basically no guidance to their direction at all.  At first, they argued that they were going in circles.  However, this was not the case considering the fact that nothing they passed look exactly the same.  They were lost.  They had run low on food.  They had traveled past tons of ice and ocean.  
At that point, Adam suggested that they attempt to find somewhere habitable they could stay until they could figure out a way to navigate through the Arctic.  Since the rest of the crew couldn't come up with any other ideas, they all gave their full attention to searching for somewhere they could land.  A few hours passed and still, no sign of any place they could go.  Almost a day later, they came across and Island.  One that seemed to have life that you would see growing in warm climates, not cold ones like the Arctic.  The crew found it odd that there would be such an Island under these circumstances.  They all talked it over before deciding to doc at its shore.  Chris stayed behind while Martin, John, Dylan, Adam, and Cyrus searched the Island.
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