The great adventures: Terra Australis

This is a story about two heroes named Melissa Miller and Cassandra Stone. They're on a mission to find Terra Australis, a lost world that claims to have never been found by anyone. But evil men are after them wherever they go!

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Chapter 1.

The mysterious man

Our story begins in the alps where Melissa Miller are. She's on adventures as usual. She climbs up for the mountains. On her way down towards Milano she met a mysterious man that popped up from nowhere. Firstly there where no-one there but just shortly after he just appeared. They where talking to eachother and the man mentioned about a hidden world somewhere in Antarctis named Terra Australis. It is said to be an enormous difference in temperature.
Several minus degrees outside the world but inside it can be as hot as in Sahara. It is an enormous world no-one have never ever found. But it is said that there are a ginormous amount of gold down there.
That made Melissa curious. - Where can I find Terra Australis? Melissa asked. The mysterious man said that he don't know. Then Melissa had to blink. When the eyes where closed the man mysteriously dissapeared. When Melissa opened the eyes again the man where allready gone. Melissa looked after him but he was never to be found again. At least not for now. Meanwhile (and remember this: that this happened just 5 seconds after Melissa blinked) Cassandra stone where in a rainforest in New Zeeland.
She was walking around when suddenly the exact same man as Melissa Miller saw just seconds ago where now in front of Cassandra. He told Cassandra Stone the exact same story as he told Melissa about. Then the mysterious man just vanished again and only he knows where he went. Both Cassandra and Melissa where equally curious about Terra Australis. They decided to cancel what they planned to do next and going to Antarctic instead.
Melissa took an airplane to Antarctic while Cassandra took a boat. Unknown to eachother they happened to start their journey at the exact same time. They also don't notice all the men that started to follow them. They where sneaking behind both of them on their way to Antarctic. After some hours when Melissa almost arrived to Antarctic one of the mens planes got permission to shoot down Melissas airplane. He who steered the plane shoot a missile at Melissas airplane.
It was a direct hit but the airplane didn't blew up and Melissa survived. The airplane where too damaged to be able to fly through and the plane where on a colission course toward a mountain. The enemies decided that this was certain death and returned back home. Meanwhile, Cassandra where heading towards Antarctic too. She was nearly there when she suddenly found hershelf surounded by boats. Boats filled with bad guys.
They all had k-pists and started to shoot at the boat. They where fire-ing the entire boat until it exploded. There where not much left with the boat. - She's dead! Come on! Let's head back! One man said. They returned back home believing she was dead. But was she really dead? Well, before we know anything about that, let's get back to Melissa. There she was heading toward that icemountain. It was pretty huge and it was impossible to avoid a colission.
She was thinking a while, but she didn't have much time to think. Stressed over the situation she just jumped out the door not thinking so much about it. She saw one wing and a broken jetmotor on it. She grabbed onto the jetmotor that then fell of the wing. Now she only had a jetmotor to hold on to, but what are she going to do with it? It's just broken and to start the motor would be impossible.
Soon she found the ground. She also saw the airplane collide into the mountain. Right down there on the ground she saw the mysterious man again. He raised his hand towards the jetmotor and suddenly it started to spin again. He somehow got that broken jetmotor to work again. It got so much power so that Melissa lifted up above the ground. Instead of a crashlanding she landed softly and carefully.
Melissa wanted to thank the man that just saved her life but the man just dissapeared. Now Melissa where on her own again. She walked deeper in to antarctic. The deeper she got the colder it got. It was hard to walk in the snow but at least she got forward all the time. After hours of walking she saw a shadow. Something where lurking in the snowstorm that occured at the moment. Firstly the shadow just followed Melissa wherever she walked and that made Melissa think that it was only her own shadow. But it was weird. The shadow was huge. Bigger than Melissa herself. It just couldn't be hers actually. She was a bit frightened but walked as normal.
Suddenly the shadow came closer and Melissa started to run. But it was too late! She suddenly got hit by the shadow and fainted. She was unconciouness while the shadow dragged her towards his cave. Meanwhile, let's head back to Cassandra again. Cassandra saw all the bullets flying around but never got hit by any single bullet. It was a miracle that shouldn't actually happen according to the odds. She ran out with her milkshake she was drinking and jumped down the sea.
None of the bad guys saw this and she used the straw from the milkshake to breath through so she didn't had to get her head visible while the bad guys where still there. When the bad guys where gone Cassandra went back up and started to swim. But it was still a long way to Antarctica by swimming.
Cassandra got really frozen. She's about to lose consinousness wich was not so good. It was still 1 hour till she could swim in to Antarctica. Suddenly she lost consinousness and just fainted. There she was sinking towards the bottom. But then, a dolphin saw her. The dolphin called it's friend and togheter they put Cassandra on their back and lifted up above the waterline.
They was swimming very fast to Antarctica and soon Cassandra where on ground. A lot of penguins gathered all around Cassandra and warmed her up. Soon she regained consinousness and when she opened her eyes she saw that mysterious man again. - Grab my hand! The mysterious man said.
Cassandra grabbed the mans hand and suddenly she found herself in a warm place. -Where am I? How did I come here? Cassandra wondered. - Welcome to Seoul, South Korea. It was here I was borned! The man said and then grabbed Cassandras hand again. Now they came to another place.
- This is Sweden. It was here I grew up! The mysterious man said. - South Korea? Sweden? Wheren't we at Antarctica just seconds ago? Cassandra wondered. - Well, I happen to have some superpowers and teleporting is one of them. The man explained.
Meanwhile the bad guys returned home and met their boss. Their boss where a beautiful but evil woman named Electra Volt. Just like her name she has the power of electricity. - We got them! They're dead! Let's celebrate! One man said happily. - Are you sure? Electra asked and showed the men a tv-screen. Electra have many hidden cameras all over the world.
First she showed them a cave where Melissa where captured but still alive. Then she showed Sweden and showed that this camera captured Cassandra and the mysterious man. -Does they still seems dead to you? Electra said angrily! - No madam, please don't kill me! The bad guy said. But Electra didn't listened. She electrified the man immediately.
- But how could Cassandra end up in Sweden just like that? One man wondered. - Cause she got herself one frickin' teleporter! Electra shouted out and electrified him too (That last dialouge had some words though that I removed for some reasons!). It was obvious Electra was pissed about that Melissa and Cassandra is still alive.
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