stupid things you should never attempt

stupid things you should never attempt

A list of completely random stupid things you probably shouldnt do or attempt to

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stupid things you probably shouldnt do

completely shaving off your eyebrows. surprisingly its not a good look

licking food off a knife. bad idea trust me...

attempting to open a can without a can opener. just dont

trying to drink with your feet. You'll probably try this but dont say i didnt warn you.

try to give yourself a whole new hair cut. i warned you...

test banana skins to see whether or not theyre ACTUALLY SLIPPY! you could just be unlucky here.

Pierce yourself . theres an extremely long list of what could go wrong here.

try to brush your teeth with something other than toothpaste.

wearing summer clothing when its cold or winter. you can dress how you like, but this annoys people.

wearing sunglasses INDOORS. also something which is annoying

take illegal drugs. because thats incredibly stupid, theyre illegal for a reason

stop being yourself. never do this. you should always be you:)

Lie if nothing good will come from it...

Leave chocolate about if your pet is about. its not a good idea fam...

agree to get a haircuit youre not sure about. theres a 99% chance you wont like the outcome.

Walk on water.

attempt plagiarism. dont copy anyone elses work and try to pass it off as your own, or take credit for something you didnt do.

If something says "DONT TRY THIS AT HOME" you PROBABLY SHOULD NOT! dont be stupid ugh

swallow  mentos then drink a ton of coke. youll be violently sick, plus its stupid to do this as many people already have done so and filmed their results for you to enjoy on youtube :)

walk around barefoot

Join isis . bad idea fam

wreck the place just because youre rad. there are even better places where you can violently do this WITHOUT having to pick up the pieces:)

Lastly id like to add that you shouldnt drink coke, belive it or not its one of the absolute worst drinks out there . Its literal chemicals mixed with sugar. the only reason the world health organisation hasnt banned this is because theyre repeatedly being bribed by the coca cola company!

stay safeee!
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Comments (5)

The haircut that your not sure about, I got a weird hair cut and I looked like a boy for a year, at least it wasn’t that short
13 days ago
I wear sunglasses in doors so u can seem...
I’ll go home now
on September 15
I licked food off of knives before.
Me too, and nothing happened.
on November 21, 2015
on November 21, 2015
on November 21, 2015