Party with the Pastas!

Party with the Pastas!

You go to a party in the slender mansion just to get a BIG surprise! Find out what you go through below!

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Chapter 1.
An unexpected plan

An unexpected plan

You walked through the woods cautasly for you knew what danger you would end up in if you stepped off trail. Snakes. Spiders. Poison ivy. Now, on normal circumstances you would have never set foot into these woods. But tonight was not your normal circumstances. You had been invited by an unknown person to a mantion in these woods. You found the letter on your doorstep the other day. You were suspicious, so you took a pocket knife with you. You had been walking for about ten minutes when you come across a large building. "This must be the place" you thought to yourself while walking towards the mantion. When you got closer, you heard music inside ,and saw the shadows of people behind the closed curtains. You then walked into the porch ,and knocked on the door.
It was answered by a very tall man with no face. You recognized him as Slenderman. You jumped back in surprise and smiled. "I thought Slenderman was fake. A story to scare little kids. But he's REAL!" You thought to yourself happily. "Come on in, y/n," he said in a blank tone. You walked inside to find yourself in a living room connected to a kitchen, dining room, and some stairs. You recognized almost everyone in the house with you, naming them in your head. "Jeff. BEN. Jane. Clockwork. Toby. Masky......" You continued to name the pastas in your head wham BEN walked over to you, a soda  can in head. "Hiya y/n! Glad you could make it!" He smirked when you replied with a very excited greating in return. Then suddenly Jeff came over to you two. "BEN! I challenge you to a rematch after we both get drunk!" "Oh your just upset that I beat you last time!" BEN replied with another smirk. "Shutup," Jeff muttered. "Hey, arn't you the person we invited a couple days ago?" "Yes i am! My name is-"  Jeff cut you off "We all know your name already." "Really?!" You said excitedly. You knew just about all the creepypastas ,and it has kind of been a dream to meet them. Then to actually do it to find they all know your name? That was too cool! Suddenly, the room got dark. A loud voice boomed around the room. It was Slenderman's. "Our final guest has arrived! Let the party begin!"
~end of chapter one~
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