The Journey of Lieutenant Lucario: A Pokemon Story

The Journey of Lieutenant Lucario: A Pokemon Story

Apprentice of the long missing Sergeant Parker, Lieutenant Lucario goes on a faraway journey on a quest to find him. With his friends Sahara the Persian and more, they seek the master they haven't seen since the Battle of the Champions. But with impossible odds and unseen enemies, will they find who they're looking for?

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Chapter 1.

Before The Changing

     "Sergeant Parker?"

     I slash the strong netting with my black paws as I desperately try to reach my master. The strong winds claw at my face, but I refuse to give in. The smell of gasoline and blood clouds the air, and I struggle to breathe. "Sergeant Parker?" I whisper.

     "Sergeant Parker! A-Are you alright?" I stare at his pale face and blue eyes with my own as I shake him softly. He groans. "Sergeant Parker!" I carefully pick him up and carry him to a nearby helicopter. "I'm going to fix you up, you'll be perfectly fine." Sergeant Parker smiles. "Lieutenant." He gasps for breath. "I'm not going to make it."

     I lay him on the ground and grasp his head gently. My eyes widen in shock. "Don't say that! Your too young to die! What about your family? And your friends? And-" Sergeant Parker looks away with a bloody smile. "They will know why I give up so easily. They'll understand, Lieu. They'll understand."

     The use of my nickname makes me shudder in fear. I close my eyes. "S-Sergeant Par-Parker." I know what he was going to do. "Don't die." He reached out his hand shakily and scratched behind my ear. "Lieutenant. See that PokeBall on my belt? Grab it, please." He whispers so softly I have to bend down my head, "And then grab your PokeBall." I do as he says, not to dare meet his eyes.

     Sergeant Parker holds out a Ultra Ball. "In here is someone very important. She'll help you where ever you go." Sergeant Parker winks. "She'll be a great companion. Only let her out when the time is right. I love you, Lieu."

     I feel the warm salty tears pouring down my face. I run my hand through Sergeant Parkers dirty hair. "N-No. N-NO. Sergeant?" Sergeant Parker pats my head, dropping the Ultra Ball and my PokeBall next to me. "Don't worry, I'm not going to die-"

     All of a sudden, a large shadow looms over the damaged battlefield. I stare up toward the darkened sky to see a large object coming straight towards us. Sergeant Parker's eyes widen, and I hear the unpleasant words: "It's Rayquaza."

     Instead of being scared, I'm confused. First, Rayquaza lives in the ozone layer. It's feeds up there. Second, I'm pretty sure Groudon and Kyogre aren't out here. Instead there in their slumber. And third- why is it HERE?

    I scream as the green beast roars in defiance and grabs my master, sending me flying backward into some debri. I grab the Ultra Ball, but it's too late.

     Sergeant Parker is already in the snakes grasp.

     "NO!" I screech as I leap into the air, holding out a paw to grab onto one of Sergeant Parker's legs. I miss, and I go tumbling to the ground. Rayquaza snorts and stares intently at me, as if saying, "Thank you for your master." I clench my fists, and a glowing blue bone-like object is forming beneath them.

     The Rayquaza ignored my hostility, and instead took flight. Fear starts to creep up my spine. My master can't live up there! The oxygen level is too low!

     "Sergeant Parker!" I screech as they drift closer to the clouds, "I will find a way to save you! I WILL GET YOU BACK! Don't give up! I'll do everything in my power to save you!" I smile. "I love you!"

     Sergeant Parker smiles as he's taken up to the ozone layer. Rayquaza screeches and the world shudders.

     I remember clutching the Ultra Ball firmly before falling into unconsiousness.



This is my first story with the first chapter! Please keep in mind that the other chapters will be longer.

Answer this in the comments: Any ideas for Chapter Two? I'm all ears!

Bye bye, guys! Oh and btw, (not finished) means a chapter isn't finishes yet! KEEP THAT IN MIND

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Leiutenants wake up place will be revealed in the next chapter :3 thank you so much! To be honest I just made this story xD
on February 21, 2016
Ah it was a nice story, I only got confused with the names so I couldn't follow it as good, but it's a nice beginning to the story.

And has for part 2, I have a question which may help you continue on; where, how or when does the uncosious one wake up?

I hope you continue it :3
on February 21, 2016