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Attack of the King of Leaves
"HUH?" I gasp, shocked. "But that Ultra Ball is Sergeant Parkers!"

Sahara shrugs. "Well, if he thinks we can get along with eachother, for he has abandoned us, I might as well treat it like the shit it is." She kicks the ultra ball in the air, only to end up landing on her head. She screeched and throws it at me. I catch it.

I snarl in deep rage. "If you wish to throw your precious Ultra Ball, go right ahead. I'm keeping it and mine, for I am honorable and respectful."

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on February 24, 2016
"Ugh, my head. Dammit."

I rub my head in pain. What happened? I gaze at my surroundings. Wait, this isn't the battle field. This is-

"A forest?" I whisper, standing up, interrupting my thoughts. Large aspen tress surround me and large, plump Oran berries dangle neatly off the black and white branches. A flock of Starly fly gracefully above, their cries like a symphony to my ears. For the first time since the incident, I smile.

"Where am I?" I continue to say aloud, gras...
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The Journey of Lieutenant Lucario: A Pokemon Story
Apprentice of the long missing Sergeant Parker, Lieutenant Lucario goes on a faraway journey on a quest to find him. With his friends Sahara the Persian and more, they seek the master they haven't seen since the Battle of the C...
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