The Story of Marbles the Hedgebat

The Story of Marbles the Hedgebat

Marbles lost everything her home, her family, her arms and wings. And at only 9 years old. Marbles has an amazing story and life.

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Chapter 1.


Baby: WAA WAA!
River: *Holds Marbles* Shh.. don't cry angel, mommy's here. *Kisses forehead*
Baby: *Snuggles River's check* Kiki!
River: *Twists small string of hair* Aww, my little angel is talking, Charles look!
Charles: *Pats Baby's head* She's so peaceful. *Sniffs* But she doesn't SMELL peaceful. River change her diaper! *Claps 2x*
River: *Hands Baby to Charles* I just gave birth. You change.
Charles: *Holds Baby* Ehhh, hello! *Places on table* Now, first we take off the diaper, *Takes off Baby's diaper*, then we-
Baby: *Pees on Charles* He he he!
River: *Giggles*
Charles: *Wipes face* It's not funny!
River: It is, Charles. My angel finds it funny!
Charles: Is that what we're naming her? Angel?
River: I don't know.
Charles: *Strokes chin* Hmm, how about Mary belle?  
Baby: *Snarls*
River: No, my grandmother's name was Teresa! How about we name her Teresa!
Baby: *Spits on River*
Charles: HAHAHAAHAHA, Roberta is WAY better! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!
Baby: *Pukes on Charles* BLUHGHGDU (Try to pronounce that XD)
Charles: *Wipes face* eww! *Picks up a circular ball* GROSS! Is that a MARBLE.
River: IDEA! How about MARBLES!
Charles: Marbles?!!?
Baby: *Laughs and claps x4*
River: Marbles it is. *Smirks*
Charles: Ugh! That's SUCH a TERRIBLE name! What kind of name is MaRbLeS?!!?
River: What kind of name is Charles
Charles: What kind of name is River?
Marbles: Muh- me- muft-- mama!
River: MAMA!
Charles: Mama?
Nurse Abbey: *Peeks through the door* Phew! None of you are hurt! Phew!
Marbles: Babby!
River: Aww! Abbey she said your name!
Nurse Abbey: Aww!
Charles: Aw c'mon! She said "mommy" and "Abbey" and she hasn't said MY name!
Marbles: Dwaddy!
River and Nurse Abbey: AWWW!
Charles: *Hugs Marbles*
River: *Takes photo* Aww! I'm gonna pin it!
Charles: *Blushes*
Nurse Abbey: River, have you decided what you are going to name her?
River:*Nods* Yes.
Nurse Abbey: I'll get her papers. *Rubs Marbles head and leaves the room*
Charles: *Sits on the edge of River's bed* She's beautiful.
River: *Puts arm on Charles shoulder* Yeah.
Charles: She looks just like me.
River: *Playfully slugs Charles*
Charles: *Shyly kisses*
River: *kisses back*
Nurse Abbey: *Comes in* Alrighty! Here are her- oops! I didn't mean to "interrupt" you two.
Both: *Stops kissing*
River: oh, it's okay. Here, let me see those papers.
*After River signs the papers*
River: Phew! Glad that's over with! *Rubs wrists* Ow! My hands hurt from writing!
Charles: Now you know what it's like?
River: It sucks!
Charles: *Snorts*
Marbles: *Falls asleep on Charles arm* ZzzZzzZzzZzz...
Charles: *Places Marbles in crib* Sweet dreams Marbles, sweet dreams.

Ah, the good old days. I had my arms,
I had my wings. But that all changes
now. It all changes Now.

Hello! I worked hard on this story! It was hard to draw the pictures as well.
We have no idea!

What happens in the next chapter,

Marbles is 9 years old now, it's her
birthday. She's having an amazing
party. Until, the candles are blown.
A mysterious man in a mask is in
the house somewhere. Watching
you, smelling you, touching you.
And it all happens now.
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Please continue!!!!!! Its so awesome!!!!!!!
Thank you :) And there is going to be more chapters on the way
Yay! Your welcome!
on December 19, 2015
on December 19, 2015
on November 18, 2015
Marble is pregnant OMG! congrats!
on October 01, 2015
It's really so far!
Thanks. Sorry for not making chapters in a while :p
It's fine take your time!
on March 07, 2015
on March 07, 2015
on March 07, 2015
It's really good!
Thank ;)
on January 30, 2015
on January 28, 2015