The kid life

The kid life

Have you not seen the old past of Fairy Tail? When Cana, Mirajane, Gray, Lisanna, Erza, Elfman and Natsu-- Yep, Natsu. Lucy will not be included in this story, because she hasn't joined Fairy Tail just yet!

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Chapter 1.
Lisanna and Natsu

Lisanna and Natsu

"Natsu, Natsu!" Called Lisanna.
Her smile spread across her face, while she waited for Natsu. Natsu ran out of Fairy Tail. "What?" He asked, while running still.
Lisanna smiled bigger, as she saw Natsu. "I just wanted to know where you were. As husband and wife, we shall stick together." Lisanna stated.
Natsu rolled his eyes. "How many times have I told you, Lisanna? We are not married." Natsu said.
Lisanna blushed, and giggled. "Well, Natsu. That still doesn't mean were not. Because, we have a child... Remember Natsu? We have a kid!"  Lisanna reminded Natsu.
Natsu sighed. "When will you learn? This is my kid, and I'll never accept your words, again. Lisanna, I am beginning to wonder, will you EVER learn that he is MY child." Lisanna stopped blushing, she opened her eyes to stare at Natsu.
She did not stop to look at a single thing. "What? I am not dumb. Is that what you think of me? Dumb?" Asked Lisanna, finally answering.
Lisanna cried. It made Natsu began to sweat. "I am sorry, Lisanna!" He apologized.
Lisanna smiled again, and hugged Natsu. "Thank you! Oh thank you, Natsu!"
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