Fairy Tail & Gramps

Fairy Tail & Gramps

Hmm, have you been thinking about the charaters and personalties of Fairy Tail? Read this story to find out more, about Fairy Tail.

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Chapter 1.
Who is Lucy Heartfilia?

Who is Lucy Heartfilia?

The blond headed girl ran swiftly down the streets of her town. She stopped, and held still. She tried to find her Guild before time was spilt out.
She couldnt just stand there! A monster was chasing her! What kind? Jellal! A dark wizard in another guild.
"How does Erza even love you? You are such a devil!" The blond girl pointed out, stretching out her long arms.
Jellal was in the corner, stalking all of her conversations. All of her words, too. "Lucy Heartfilia, no need to ask questions," Jellal said, calmly. "Once you know them, your skull and brain will be smeared all of the place."
Lucy's eyes widened. "Back away from me," she demanded. "You will regret hurting me!" Lucy warned.
But Jellal was not worried. A big, old, evil grin was smeared on his face. As like he was discribing how Lucy's brain and skull would be crushed. "How will I? Your crew will be dead by then."
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You should to Lucy Heartfillia
Mary-Sue and is annoying af
on May 14, 2016