My high school story

My high school story

Its about a girl named Layla, who starts her high school sad but with her friends she can do anything she want.She goes to a arts for talented people school in holly wood called easton high

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Chapter 1.
Meeting my crush

Meeting my crush

I was waiting on my uncle's boat for my dad to pick me up but he didn't show up so i walked home alone it wasn't all that bad it was sunny.Then it started raining
What the heck (Me).So when i got to school i was soaking wet when i got inside the school i had to goto to the girls washroom.After the second i got there i saw a girl with medium brown hair with green eyes, Katlynn you scared me (Me)
Sorry i didn't mean to but you should have seen your face hahaha (Katlynn)
-fake laughs- hahaha (Me)
Well we should get to class (Katlynn)
Wait go i need to do something i will be right there (Me)
while i was walking to class i bumped into Jade one of the popular girls.
Watch where your going brat (Jade)
i stepped into the class room i sat down
Your late young lady (Mrs Henderson)
I'm sorry Mrs Henderson i won't be late again (Me)
Good -smiles- (Mrs Henderson)
Ok Where was i oh yes we have a new student everyone this is Austin (Mrs Henderson)
I Wasn't really listening to Mrs Henderson. Then i looked at the door and saw a blonde haired guy with huge muscles and and he was wearing a blue half sleeved top.
Austin you go sit beside Layla Jade had a mad looking face at me but i smiled Mrs henderson said who wants to show Austin around the school she picked me.
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Please write more. ...
on August 13, 2015
Awww....I really enjoyed it..but I wanna read more.
ill try!
on November 08, 2014
on November 06, 2014
This really doesn't bother me, but just try to not keep it like mine ok? People might not continue to read it and see you as "copying" High School Life. Good luck hope you continue writing on it and having fun with it @Quincy
oh ok and i wasn't trying to make it like yours at all @DarkAngel1204
on October 23, 2014
on October 17, 2014