Surviving 3000

Surviving 3000

This is my first part of this story. I don't know if I should write more. Please rate it!!! I hope you like it!

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The begging

I awoke to screaming. They came. I jumped out of bed and ran to my little sister’s room. “Please, Please tell me they didn’t come!” I shouted. Guns fired off in the distance. I slammed open my sisters room, shook her and yelled at her to wake up. She slowly opened her eyes and moaned a little. There was no time to lose. I picked her up and ran as fast as i could to The Shelter. She started crying.

“I want my blanky!!! I want my Blanky!!!!”

I stopped by the fridge to get a bag with a canteen filled with water, and some biscutes with butter, with 2 jars. one filled with jam, the other with chicken,peas, carrots, gravy, and cranberry sauce. The jars are huge. I shouted for my cat, Zta-Zta. She’s a liger. Lion half tiger, and she is huge. She came thundering in with my sister’s “Blanky”. I hauled my sister on Zta-Zta’s back. Still carrying my sister’s “Blanky”, Zta-Zta bolted to The Shelter.

I watched through the window to make sure they made it safe. They did. Someone grabbed me from behind. I turned around, getting ready for a fight. I breathed in heavily as i saw my older brother. He had dark brown eyes, tan skin, a muscular outline under his shirt.

“Let me take the bag. You hurry and get the minuture flashlights, my rifle and your shotgun.”

I rushed through the house grabbing what i could find. I took a small bag and filled it with batteries and 20 minuture flashlights. I then rushed to my brothers room and got our weapons. I looked around. I grabbed a wad of money, some jewlrey, my pocket knife, a first-aid kit and our picture of our family. That, I couldn’t lose. I turned around and bolted to the kitchen. Zta-Zta came bolting back, smashing down the door. I grabbed the bag full of food from my brother and stuffed everything else inside. I then took 5 miles of rope and put it in the bag. I gave it to Zta-Zta, who again, as fast as she could ran to the shelter, she made it.

I still had our weapons. My brother took his rifle, and me my shot-gun, we ran side by side through the field. A bomb exploded right behind us. Then we saw them, millions of them, charging towards us.

“RUN!!!!” My brother screamed. We ran as fast as we could. We were nearly there. I could see the hatch. My brother stopped abruptly, and turned around.

“What are you doing?!?!” I screamed. I tried to pull him, but he shouted saying

“They can’t find the shelter!!! I have to hold them off. Go. I’ll be fine.”

“I Cant! We’ve been together since birth. Dont give up!” I shouted, trying not to cry.

“NO! I’m tired of running! I will hold them off. NOW GO!!” He shoved me backwards. Then he picked me up and whispered into my ear “I will always be in your heart, remember that sis.” I realized he was smiling. We both knew this was his last.A tear escaped and trickled down his cheek.

“I’m scared.” I whispered

“I know you are, I am too” He said “But I have to do this. Now please, go.” He gently pushed me away. I ran sobbing hysterically, I heard shouts and gun shots. My brother’s friends saw me running. They knew what my brother was doing. They started pulling me in. Franticly I looked around. What i saw scarred me forever. My brother was running towards the enemy. He started firing away. They surrounded him. Some held him down while others stabbed him in the chest, over and over again. They laughed after they threw him to the ground.  

“NO!!!” I screamed, starting to run back. His friends started to pull me back.

“Let GO!!!” I screamed.    “Alisha! Your brothers gone! We already had deaths today! We dont need another!” I gave up. I fell to my knees. I felt gentle hands pick me up and guide me to the shelter. My brother was the closest person, he was like a father to me.
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