My Best Friend :)

My Best Friend :)

This is another poem about my friendship with XXxSilentHopexXX. This girl means the world to me. This is not a love poem, just a friendship one. (Note: im not that good at poems so dont expect a masterpiece lol)

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My Best Friend

This is a poem about a friend,
Who is my best friend.

She means the world to me,
When I talk to her, it makes me happy.

We have been friends for a while,
And it has gone a mile.

You are just like me,
You like to live free.

You are here for me when im mad,
And here for me when im sad.

I like our friendship very well,
Without you, my life would be Hell.

You are the best,
You are not like the rest.

You like to dance,
I can talk the language of France.

I will never abandon you,
No matter what you do.

I will stay by your side,
I will come along for the ride.

One day it will be you and me,
Anthony and Stephanie.

I never want to lose you,
I want to one day, finally meet you.

It will soon be me and you,
it will be cool,
For me to be with you.

You are my best friend,
My very best friend.

We share the same desires,
We both love Michael Myers.

Im ready to meat when you're ready,
Then we'll sit down and watch Freddy.

God gave me you,
this i know is true.

I wont let anyone hurt you,
I would die for you.

I would never be mad at you,
No matter what you do.

Im not a big fan or twilight,
But i will watch it with you at night.

When i finally see you we will hug,
A hug better than any hug.

To you i will never say no,
And will be with you where ever you go.

Our friendship is so fun,
I hope that we will never be done.

Once we have met,
We will deal with our bet.

Stephanie you are a queen,
So pretty and clean.

I will be your friend forever,
And will never leave you ever.

As i have said,
We will be friends until we are dead.

Then He will come down,
And get rid of any frown.

He will take us in the air,
To a place that is very fair.

Where we will spend forever,
Being The Best firends ever.
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Comments (3)

@Beauty784 Agreed
on March 29, 2013
That was wonderful poetry, Anthony.
on March 27, 2013
*tears falling* omg that was very sweet and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Omg you got me crying omg omg
on March 27, 2013