The Rose And Rosie Experiment

The Rose And Rosie Experiment

Rose and Rosie Smith are twin sisters, and neighbors in fact. But, they don't get along at all. The hate each other's guts. And 11 year old, Iris, investigates why.

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Tea and Cookies

Tea and Cookies

        My name is Iris Ragan. I live in Boyertown, PA. It's summertime and you know what that means! Summer jobs! I baby-sit pets and children. I also deliver newspapers and help deliver mail. I live in a big neighborhood. There is the dog lovers. They have 6 dogs that stay outside all day as their owners build stuff for the fence. There are our neighbors, Alison and Abbie, and their parents. Then there's Carter Kenny and his father. And then there's Rose and Rosie Smith. They're twin sisters. There older, about 60 or 65. The live across from each other. Rose and Rosie HATE each other! I don't mean arguing or name calling, no. I mean they haven't talked to each other in YEARS!
        Rose and Rosie grew up in California. They grew up with their rich mother and father. One day, Rose and Rosie's father told one them, "We weren't excepting you.". Since then, Rose and Rosie debated who was the "original". They still fight about that now. After the got married, Rose and Rosie's father bought then a house in Pennsylvania, so they could start a family. Rose loves gardening, bird watching and cooking. Rosie also loves gardening, bird watching and cooking. The always have a test to see who's better. And guess how has to be the judge, me! They have signs on their front yard. On Rose's sign it says: "Rose's Garden." On Rosie's sign says, "Rosie's Garden." They put their medals the won from gardening shows on their signs.
        Rose and Rosie haven't talked for years because of something BIG. It's because Rosie blames Rose for her husband's death. She says after her husband, Peter, ate a casserole that Rose made, he got sick and died. Rose barely talks about Rosie. But Rosie acts like she doesn't HAVE a sister! She NEVER talks about Rose, not even around me!
        I ride my bike up to Rose's house. The mailman gave me mail to hand out. I parked my bike in Rose's driveway. Rose was on her front porch. She waved to me.
        "Hello, Iris!" I smiled at Rose. I waved back to her.
        "Hello, Rose! I got your mail!" Rose grinned and widened her eyes. She showed crooked teeth as she walked down toward me. She grabbed the mail from my hands. She dug through her mail. Her smile became bigger once she saw the letter from a gardening show. Her smiled faded when she read the letter.
        "What's wrong?" I asked. Rose sighed.
        "I lost a gardening show. I-I got 2nd place."
        "That's still good!" I said. Rose sighed.
        "No, it's not. Would you like to come inside for some tea and cookies?"
        "Sure." I said. I walked into Rose's house.
        "I cant be here long." I said. "I still have mail to deliver." Rose nodded.
        "I understand." I sat down in a chair as Rose gave me some tea. I took a sip of my tea.
        "So, Rose. My grandmother, my mother and I are throwing a jewelry party on the 14th. Would you like to come?" Rose scratched her head.
        "I don't know.. Will Rosie be there?" I lied.
        "No." Rose smiled.
        "Good." I got up from my seat.
        "I need to go!" I said. I left Rose's house. I hopped on my bike and drove to Rosie's house. I parked my bike in Rosie's driveway. Rosie was watering her garden.
        "Rosie!" I called. "I have your mail!" Rosie smiled.
        "Hi, Iris!" She called. "I'll take it, thank you!" She said,  taking the mail gingerly from my hands. She opened the letter from the gardening show. She smiled.
        "Yes!" She squeaked. "I won!" She pulled out a blue ribbon from the package. She pinned the ribbon to the sign. Rose smiled.
        "So, Iris," She said. "Would you like to come inside for some tea and cookies?"
        "Sure." I said. "But I can't be here long. I want to get home before the riders get here."
        The riders are a group of kids that ride across the neighborhood everyday at 4:00. They all go to summer school. There names are Riker Black, Tessa Hudson, Harper Black, Quinton Tuck, Grant "Roller" Rein and Freddy Nickerson. The all go to summer school. Rumors are that the burned town buildings and destroyed bikes. I don't believe everything, but I've never wanted to meet them.

        I walk inside Rosie's house and sat in a chair in the dining room. Rosie's cat, Europe, jumped on the table and nuzzled my hand. Rosie picked up Europe and place her on the floor. Rosie gave me some tea and a cookie. I took a bite of the cookie. Rosie sat in the chair next to me. I swallowed the last bite of my cookie.
        "So, Rosie." I asked. "When will Europe have her kittens?" Rosie took a sip of her tea.
        "Very soon." She said.
        "What are you going to name them?" I asked.
        "If it's girl, I'm going to name her Rome." She said. "If it's a boy, I'm going to name it Russia." Rosie smiled as she took a sip of her tea. I drank some tea and took a bite of my cookie. I looked at Rosie. Her gray hair sparkled in the sun. Her smiled faded. She was frowning at something, like she was upset at it. I spoke to Rosie.
        "So, Rosie. My grandmother is throwing a jewelry party on the 14th. Would you like to come?" Rosie frowned. She stared at me.
        "I dunno." She said. "Will Rose be their?" I was surprised that Rosie even ASKED about Rose! I stared at Rosie with BIG wide eyes.
        "No." I stuttered. "N-no, of course not!" Rosie smiled.
        "Sure." She said. "I'll be there." We smiled ate each other. I never thought a moment could be more awkward. I took my cup of tea and-
        "WOO-HOO! YEAH! MOVE OUT! MOVE OUT!" Rose scratched her head.
        'What the?-" I jumped out of my seat. I rushed out the door. I hopped on my bike and drove off. he riders saw me. The started chasing after my bike!
        "YOU BETTA RUN! THIS IS OUR BIKING TIME! WE GONNA KELL YOU!" I rode my bike up a hill. I look behind me. The riders were far away. I duck because I almost hit a tree branch. I drove up an alleyway. I drove through Rose's backyard, then Rosie's. Once I reached my house, I put my bike in the garage and went inside. When I was in my house, I saw my sister, Tris, laughing at me.
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