The Forgotten Forest.

The Forgotten Forest.

A boy called Sean, a girl called Emma, a forgotten forest and cheeky Goblins. Can they be defeated?

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Chapter 1.
A walk to the forest.

A walk to the forest.

One day Emma and Sean were walking to the forest to pick flowers. The forest was close to their house. Emma had long brown curly hair, and Sean had short brown hair, they were twins. Emma and Sean loved going to the forest, but today they went further in the forest than they had ever been!
     Also in the forest lived other creatures like Ladybirds, Butterflies, Spiders and magical beasts, Emma always said that she could see fairies and elves but Sean never believed her. So that day whilst picking flowers Emma spotted with the corner of her eye a flower that she had never seen before, so, without a care in the world she rushed off to see it. Sean shouted 'What on earth in the World are you doing'?
''Come here, I've found something''  Emma exclaimed. Then Sean spotted it. There was a green person about the same size as the twins. Sean was quivering like a wave in the sea, very slowly he tapped his sister on her shoulder. "Pinch me, am I dreaming!?" In a quiet, excited voice Emma replied "No, you're not dreaming but I'll pinch you if you like!"
They tried to hold their breath as they watched the green figure slip between two overlapping trees.
"That.Was.Weird" Sean hissed. "Told you" smiled Emma.

Later that day Emma asked her Mum if she could go back to the forest, her Mum agreed. They walked back to the dark trees. In the forest it was gloomy. Sean said to Emma "have we got a light?" Yes replied Emma pulling out a ruby red torch.
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Cool! I like it! (;
on March 17, 2013
on March 17, 2013