Harald & Dave Episode 4 "Driving"

Harald & Dave Episode 4 "Driving"

This is my fourth episode of my series. My goal is to hit atleast 15 to 20 episodes. This is a very fun series and i hope it keeps going well.

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Harald and Dave are in a car. Harald is driving and they are in a traffic jam. Dave is getting mad. He is wanting to be dropped off at Stephanie's house.
Dave: Come on people F****** drive.
Harald: Dave, calm down. You will be with your girl soon enough.
Dave: Not at this rate. Im supposed to be there in 20 minutes.
Harald: There is no reason to rush.
Dave rolls down his window and sticks his head out.
Dave: Hey, Drive you dumb mother*******.
Guy: Shut up B****.
Dave gets back in the car.
Dave: This is so f****** annoying.
Harald: There is no reason to rush it dude.
Haralds phone rings. He answers it.
Harald: Hello... Hey Sammy... Yeah... You want to do what?... Ok, im coming.
Dave: Here it comes.
Harald hangs up the phone.
Harald: Come on drive people!!!!!!
Harald honks the horn rapidly. Dave has had enough.
Dave: Thats it, im out.
Dave gets out of the car and runs in a direction. The traffic begins to move and Harald runs into the back of a police car. the cop gets out of the car. He walks over to the car. Harald rolls down the window.
Cop: You hit my car.
Harald: Just give me the ticket so i can go.
Cop: Ill either arrest you... or... you can let me give you my... special treatment.
Harald: (scared face) Yeah, just arrest me.

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Comments (3)

poor harald :)
on December 23, 2013
Oh oh! Harald's in trouble *smirks*
on September 22, 2013
Uh oh
on March 13, 2013