Harald & Dave Episode 3 "Who is laughing now?"

Harald & Dave Episode 3 "Who is laughing now?"

This is my third episode of my Harald and Dave series. I hope this series is good so far. I just made a fan page on qfeast for it and i hope everyone helps and likes the series.

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"Who is laughing now?"

"Who is laughing now?"

Harald is on the couch watching Tv. It is noon and Dave has not returned yet. Harald is about to get lunch. Dave finally walks in. He has a HUGE smile on his face.
Harald: How did it go?
Dave: I became a man last night.
Harald: Its about time you know.
Dave: I had to find the right woman.
Harald: You mean a woman dumb enough to actually want to do it with you.
Dave: D***
Harald: B****
Dave: What did you do last night?
Harald: Finished the football game, by the way you owe me 40 bucks. The Cats lost to the Followers.
Dave: Dude, after last night, i dont care. I am laughing to much. You said I couldnt do it... Well who is laughing now?
Harald: I am because Ive already had it done three times with Samantha. You just hit your first. Im so proud.
Dave: Stephanie and I are going to do it again. She has a darksude to her. She did things that I didnt think a girl could do.
Harald: So how long did it last? 18 seconds?
Dave: you are an a**
Harald: Yeah I know.
Dave: So whats up in your life tonight?
Harald: Samantha is coming over.
A girl walks in. It is Harald's sister, Taylor.
Taylor: Hey Harald, can I ask you something? it is important.
Harald: What is it?
Taylor: This guy is always at the park being very annyoing. He swears all the time and is always getting in my face. Can you help me?
Harald: Ok, I'll go down there. Dave lets go.
Harald and Dave head outside and head to the park.
They get to the park. There is a guy waring a santa claus hat.
Taylor: Him with the santa hat.
Harald and Dave walk over to him. They  stop in front of him.
Harald: Are you the individual messing with my sister?
???: I am mother******. I mess with every son of a B**** who comes here. And If you got a f****** problem with it, then kiss my f****** a***. My name is Hewitt B****
Dave: Ok, Hewitt. Listen up, if you dont STFU, im gonna put my fist through ur F-a-c-e.
Hewitt: I will do as i f****** please.
Harald: Look, we dont want any trouble. We just want you to leave my sister alone.
Hewitt: Make me stupid a**.
Samantha walks over to them.
Samantha: Whats going on?
Harald: This guy keeps annyoing my sister and we are trying to peacefully stop it.
Hewitt: Not going to happen. You and your sl** can just go away.
Samantha: Let me handle this.
Samantha hits Hewitt in the face with a hard punch. She kicks him where it counds and throws him to the ground.
Samantha: Mess with my friends again. Call me a S*** again... I f****** dare you.
Samantha kicks him in the face again.
Samantha: Lets go guys.
They begin to walk away. Hewitt stands up.
Hewitt: S***
Samantha stops. She pulls out a small knife and throws it at him. It hits him in the leg, he drops to the ground.
Then Harald, Dave, and Samantha all walk away. Hewitt is on the ground bleeding.

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Lol, she just pulls out a knife like that, no one caring haha
on September 22, 2013