Harald and Dave Episode 1 "Pilot"

Harald and Dave Episode 1 "Pilot"

This is the first episode of a series im working on. It is about two friends who do random stuff. Harald is an average guy who tries to say out of trouble, but ends up in the middle of Dave's problems. Dave is completely different. He is always getting into trouble with everything. i think this will be an enjoyable series, i hope you all like it.

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Harald and Dave are at a bar. They are sitting at the counter. They both have beers in their hands. They are watching two men play a game of pool.
Harald: Nothing like a night at the bar.
Dave: Yeah... To think i could be at home watching p***.
Harald: Dude, what is it with you and p***?
Dave: P***, is a very important part of my life.
Harald: Why? Because you cant score a real woman?
Dave: Like you and Sam have ever...
Harald: Actually we have... twice B****. So yeah, suck it.
Dave: I could get a girl. Watch, the next girl who walks in is mine.
A huge 300 pound girl walks in. She has tattoos and is bald.
Harald: (laughing) you said she is yours. Go get her.
Dave: Hell no. I would rather smash my face into a cactus five times.
Harald: You said the "next" girl.
Dave: ok, the next girl that doesnt look like she will eat me for breakfast.
A girl enters the bar. She walks over to Harald.
Harald: Hello Samantha.
Samantha: Hey Harald... Hello Dave.
Dave: Whats up?
Samantha: Harald asked me to meet him here so we can make out.
Dave: I feel bad for the public.
Samantha hits Dave on the arm.
Dave: My girlfriend is going to be better looking than freaking Megan Fox.
Harald: Dream on.
Suddenly another girl enters the bar. She is a very beautiful girl. Dave looks at Harald and gives him the bird. Dave gets up and walks over to the girl who has sat down at a table. Dave sits across from her.
Dave: Hello there.
Girl: Who the hell are you?
Dave: My name is Dave. What is yours? Is it angel, because that was what i thought when i first saw you.
Girl: No (laughs) thats really sweet. My name is Stephanie. Are you here because you think I'm hot?
Dave: I was actually wondering if you wanted to go out to dinner this saturday. what do you say?
Stephanie: Tell you what, give me your number and I'll call you.
Dave: Ok, my number is (xxx)-xxx-xxxx
Stephanie: Ok, I'll call you later.
Dave: Alright.
Dave stands up and walks back over to Harald. Dave sits down.
Harald: So how did it go?
Dave: I am so losing my v card.
Harald: I dont see it but ok.
Dave: Wanna bet on it?
Harald: Your fly is open...
Dave: Heh heh... i know
Harald: You are a dumb***.

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Comments (3)

This is was cool :) Hello,who care about punctuation and crap! This ain't school!
on September 21, 2013
Sorry, but the dialogue was rather flat... as was the punctuation. .-. You have a lot of very short, choppy sentences that badly need to be revised. I understand that it is a script, but it needs to be more lively.
on March 25, 2013
sorry but i didnt really enjoy it... probably because it wasnt on my level
on March 14, 2013