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It's time to consider a redirection of American law and justice that reflect modern day ideals and realities

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Chapter 1.
The solution for humanity

The solution for humanity

We are Anonymous

although we agree with many of the issues that Anonymous represents we are not associated in any way or means with other uses of the popular icon that are known for violence threats disruption of law or services or any other negative or secret movement we are Anonymous and we have a solution

we represent 99% of the earth's human population when the actual number of the other 1% is considered those who we do not represent but who control almost every aspect of our lives the numbers more than 70 million we represent every other human upon earth we despite being the overwhelming majority have no power over our own lives we do not have equality in life we do not have equal liberty we do not have equal means and opportunities afforded to us to pursue our individual happiness

we are not socialist or capitalist yet we support the right of every human who has been born on this earth buy no choice of their own to have their basic necessities provided free of charge throughout their life

we are not religious yet we support the right to believe so long as the belief of one does not negatively affect the belief of another

we are not rich yet we support the right to pursue wealth as long as the pursuit of economic security is afforded equally to all regardless of class opportunity or natural selection where the strongest survive

we are the weak we are the downtrodden we are the meek of the earth

we do not feel we have a voice in our government not because we do not choose to voice our desires but because our government only offers us choices that it has appointed for us

our choice for government officials has always been from the pool of the 1% America's two party political system has corrupted democracy and limited our ability to choose candidates who actually represent our needs and wants

we want change real change

for hundreds of years we've heard the same political rhetoric during every campaign we are now more educated and informed than any other time in Earth's history we know what we want we want our voices to be heard we want the majority to rule and have power in government as a true democracy demands

real change can only be accomplished if the majority creates its own solutions solutions that perhaps the 1% status quo has never heard nor considered

in the past our complaints our protests our movements our demand for change have been without viable solutions they produce nothing but fear division hate and more prejudice the more we push against them the more they push against us

what we desire cannot be accomplished by one person it cannot be done by protests nor movement nor organization it must be done by using and complying with what has been established among us the law of the land democracy the voice of the majority

we must be unified
we must remain undivided
we must remain equal
we must have courage and to protect each of us as we stand against the power of the 1% we must remain Anonymous

we have established a new political party called the humanity party our party's platform offers the solutions to our current problems beginning with the introduction of a new constitution governments operate from constitutions a Constitution is a body of fundamental principles and establish standards according to which a united group of people is to be governed but the people as the majority must agree on the principles and standards by which they are governed

200 years passed in American history before a group of people first met together and considered writing a different constitution for and by the people in 1787 a convention convened to write a constitution not by the will and for the sake of the 99% but by the will and for the sake of the 1%

by 1987 the world had changed drastically politicians lawyers and judges had interpretated the original Constitution and established laws and supported the desires and needs of the 1% disenfranchising the majority

for example a law was established that gave a financial a money entity a corporation many of the same rights afforded to a person this was an act that benefited the 1% and negatively affected the majority

this act was however legal and lawful because the original Constitution gave this legislative power and authority to Congress lawyers and judges

the original constitution provided the legal authority to establish inhumane laws because representatives of the 1% were those who wrote the original Constitution it contained many inhumane laws that eventually needed to be overturned by amendment

admendments can alter a Constitution but if the Constitution in and of itself is a flawed tapestry from the beginning than any alteration will only weaken the original strangth of the cloth from which was made the constitution must be completely revised and rewritten to reflect the true purpose for which it exists to provide a body of fundamental and establish standards according to the needs and wants of the majority of people

the current constitution states article 5 Amendment

"the Congress whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary shall propose amendments to this Constitution or on the application of the legislatures of the two thirds of the several States shell call a convention for proposing amendments which in either case shell be valid to all intents and purposes as part of this Constitution when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several States or by conventions of the three fourths there of as the one or the other mode of ratification  maybe propose by the Congress"

again the original cloth by which the tapestry that makes up the current constitution was flawed one of these glaring flaws is the ill proportional representation of the people and the power that just one state might possess in governing the majority even though that one state might have very few people living in it

an example of one of these many flaws is that the current state of California which did not nor was ever accounted for in the current original Constitution has almost 40 million people but only two senators who represent their interests

the people of California might hold more liberal beliefs desires needs and wants than 13 other western states but the population of Washington Oregon Idaho Montana Utah Nevada Arizona New Mexico Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma South Dakota and North Dakota together do not equal as many people as those who live in California yet these 13 conservative states have 26 senators

the will of California's 2 liberal senators who represent the majority will never pass a law to which the more conservative 26 senators who represent the minority do not agree

the United States has never been united every social conflict that America has ever experienced began because one state disagreed with another the civil war in which more Americans died than in all other wars combined was caused by arguments between states state representatives are the cause of Bipartisan gridlock in Congress states have caused and will continue to cause many social problems and conflicts unless they're stripped of their power and authority

the American people must become finally one nation indivisible this cannot be done unless a new constitution is adopted and ratified and becomes the law of the land a Constitution that was written in 1787 can hardly represent the interests of people living 200 years in the future

it was one of the founding fathers of America's first constitution Thomas Jefferson who wrote

"every constitution then and every law naturally expires at the end of 19 years if it be enforced longer it is an act of force and not of right it may be said the succeeding generation exercising in fact the power of repeal this leaves them as free as if the Constitution or law has been expressly limited to 19 years only in the first place this objection admits the right in proposing an equivalent but the power of repeal is not an equivalent it might be indeed if every form of government were so perfectly contrived that the will of the majority could always be obtained fairly and without impediment but this is true of no form the people cannot assemble themselves their representation is unequal and vicious various checks are opposed to every legislative proposition factions get possession of the public councils bribery corrupts them personal interests lead them astray from the general interest of their constituents and other impediments arise as to prove to every practical man a law of limited duration is much more manageable than one which needs a repeal"

we have written a new constitution for the people and by the people it is based on the old one and incorporates those parts that have worked for the majority of the people the changes will disempower the current representatives in government in their ability to make laws that do not benefit all people equally

the new constitution will provide the people's representatives with a blue print from which new laws can be established that represent the real needs and wants of the majority States will no longer have power to cause the problems and divisions they have caused in the past we the people of America will finally be united as one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all

change must come to our world or human society will continue to slide down a slippery slope of inequality hopelessness and violence lasting change cannot happen through violence insurrection or revolution

where the sword is used to establish change it is by the same sword it is enforced and can be overthrown change must come through peace patience and applying humane principles of common sense respectful of all people then through the same means change can be enforced and if necessary it can be overthrown but by the same means by which it was established peace patience and applying common sense anger and bloodshed have only led to more anger and bloodshed

protests are the physical imposition of one's personal space on to anothers peace demands that each person's space no matter what it contains or where its occupied be respected by law protest at a location where another person is encroached upon does not accomplish its purpose and becomes counterproductive When the protest is being staged demanding equal rights for all

a new process of demanding change is necessary and required this process must be one that has no violence no anger no disrespect or disparagement with anothers space

America is one of the most respected nations on earth from its establishment and copying its original Constitution other nations have formed peaceful and productive societies

America provides the fertile ground of human diversity were the seed of real change can be planted and from which a tree of unprecedented humanity can grow

we realize that as the tree grows it will produce branches that will bare fruit some good and some bad but if the root of the tree is spawned from a sea of goodness from are true humanity as the good fruit becomes more abundant the bad fruit can then be removed and discarded

we must have patience and fertilize the tree with intelligence courage and undaunted resolve the tree is the people of the earth and their chosen associations and families communities cities and nations the seed from which the root grows is our shared humanity all that is good about being human

the humanity party will provide the fertilizer the new constitution will provide the power and instruction to those who nurture prune and watch over the tree to remove the bad fruit as the good fruit grows

BUT… people are not comfortable with change security lies in schedules and expected functions that always produce the same end people are comfortable with having an election every four years and listening to the popular candidates promise the same things that they did four years prior people become very leery of something that seems too good to be true and they naturally emotionally fight any change that they imagine might affect their current state of security

the United States of America appears to be a peaceful and generally a law abiding group of people but that depends on which group of people you ask there are over 300 million people in the United States of that number there are more than 250 million who are voting age of that number about 50% actually vote

many vote because they feel a sense of personal involvement and empowerment in casting their vote believing there one vote can make a difference but an honest poll of those who do vote would reveal that a great majority of them choose the lesser of two evils or rather they don't want any of the candidates or one appears better than the other so why waste their vote

we are going to use the power of the vote and the established system to send a message to the government that we want and demand real change we are going to tell the government what changes to make leaving it with little excuse for not knowing what to change and how to do it

the majority of the 50% who vote will now have an option other than the proposed same old same old candidates but our intentions do not end there we want all people of legal age who otherwise would not have registered to vote to register and vote

we realize that we will never be accepted by the current government its laws rules and procedures for campaigning for office or establishing a new political party

we don't expect the current government to support something that threatens it's power and value but we do expect to be given our current constitutional right to cast our vote

we want all people everywhere who are of the legal age to register to vote and use the write in option and write Anonymous instead of voting for any of the candidates listed and registered for office

if by the voice of the people Anonymous receives more votes than any other candidate or even if Anonymous receive a relative good showing at the voting booth the humanity party will then legally registered as a lawful political party according to current laws in election regulations we will find in support viable candidates for our party's nomination during the presidential elections of 2020

if you're poor if you're hopeless if you're frustrated with our current government if you feel like you have no voice you are one of us

join us today in making a change and having our voices heard for the first time in history we have the power social media provides us the ability to spread our message throughout the world if a South Korean hipster can shake his body to a catchy tune and get over 3 billion hits on YouTube then why can't this important video do the same or even more

share our message and all venues of social media get your friends or relatives anyone who does not vote and who believe their vote is useless have them go to our website find out more about our proposals by reading the humanity party's political platform and reading and studying our new constitutional proposals

our website voteanonymous will provide you with a list of locations where you can go in your particular state to register to vote

we have one year to join together and prepare our voices to be heard in voting booths across America make your own vote anonymous 2016 posters t-shirts bumper stickers signs and advertise vote anonymous 2016.Com wherever you go and whomever you speak

we can do this if we don't at least try we have nothing else to complain about where by which to protest beware of a great opposition that will rise against us that will form if we are successful in uniting the people to this great cause there will be lies published fear spread ignorance perpetuated by those who want to fight change and there will be those who believe they are patriotic and true Americans who want to protect their constitution

but do not let the naysayers and opponents to this movement dissuade you from sending a message to our government that we demand change it is possible that if this movement gains momentum that the government powers will eliminate the write in option at the voting booths if this happens take a post it note write Anonymous on it and leave it in the voting booth

if our message vote Anonymous can spread throughout America it will inevitably spread throughout the earth and one day this world might become one people indivisible with liberty and justice for all
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If you are of the voting age and want to see REAL CHANGE come to America then spread the message and vote Anonymous 2016

Here is the orginal video

And this is what the humanity parties solution
on January 19, 2016