Number 13

Number 13

Genres: Soft horror, Short story, Science fiction Imagine you woke up in a strange place that conducts experiments on humans and just plain abuses them... What would you do? Find out what will happen to Shiro after he wakes up in this place.. Can he escape or will he break down?

published on April 14, 201615 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Who was that boy?

        I can't stop thinking of that day we finally escaped that horrid place, even though that was many years ago. The time i had spent there was a living nightmare. I will never ever forget that boy covered in blood with hair as white as snow, eyes that glow, and a grin that made it to one side of his face to the other. I can't get that image of him out of my mind. I feel like I should know who he is. He seems so familiar to me. I always find myself asking who was that boy?
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