Star Crossed Myth

Star Crossed Myth

Makayla's days are dreamless and mundane until, one night, she notices a star sparkling in the heavens. Suddenly, the beautiful Gods of the stars appear before her. Their goal? To erase their sins... This exquisite, heartrending, true love.. all began with one sin.

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The "Dream"

The "Dream"

Evening of July 6th

Placing the pencil on the white desk besides my bed, I smiled as I just finished writing my wish. The planetarium where I work is hosting an event for the Star Festival tomorrow, July 7th. The only thing I have to do left is pray for clear skies tomorrow. Looking through the clear window balcony door, I saw the clouds overing up the night sky.

Closing my brown eyes, I did not say these words out loud, but I prayed to myself, 'Please let the skies clear up for the Star Festival tomorrow.' When I opened my eyes, I noticed something glowing outside the window. Staring at the night sky, I rose up from my fluffy pink bed and walked over to the balcony. Could I have just say a shooting star? Staring out over my apartment, I realized Tokyo's bright city lights blotted out the stars. I felt stupid realizing I'd never be able to spot a shooting star.  

Just then, another dazzling light catches my eye. My head snaps up. Far, far away in the sky, a big light is racing straight for me! Wh-what!? Is that thing headed this way? It looks like it's going to crash right into me! Terrified by the blinding light, I squeeze my eyes shut. That instant.. The light hits me!

Urgh.. What....? What in the world just happened...? Did I just die? Was that a meteor? When I open my eyes, I'm greeted by the sight of my own familiar room. Confused over what happened, I began muttering to myself, "I'm alive! Thank God! Oh, but what about the window the meteor hit..?"

"That was not a meteor." A strong male voice answered. Wait a minute, I don't know that voice. Raising my light brown hair out of my eyes, I noticed six guys surrounded around me. Umm, what are they doing here, and what are they wearing? They look like they are going to a costume party or something in their white suits.

"Wh-what are you people....!? And what happened to the meteor from before?!" I hesitantly asked. I mean six handsome guys in my house has never happened before!

Acting like I was not even there, a dark brown with faded blue tipped haired man smiled excitingly saying, "Look, Dui! This is Earth!" His grey eyes wondered around my apartment.

"Ugh... I can't believe we were actually exiled." The one the male called Dui regretfully mentioned as he let his light brown bangs fall over his face.

"Geez.. I was praying up until the last minute that the the king was only joking." The long blonde haired with silver tipped male said as his golden eyes starred off into a distance.

"That was naive of you, Teo." The blue haired male mentioned towards the blonde haired male. King? What in the world is going? Have they forgotten about me? "You shouldn't hold out hope for mercy from the king, for your own sake." The blue haired male continued.

"Trespassers! I'm calling the police.." I commented. Panicked, I shrink back, away from the men. A man with a mean look in his eyes glances at me before looking around the room. His look stopped me from calling the police as I stared at him.

"Tch.. What a hovel." The mean looking man commented. His grey eye pierced at me angrily since his faded blue tipped black hair bangs covered his right eye.

"A hovel?!" I roared. My apartment is not a hovel! It is actually pretty nice compared to others.

"I don't need this irritation. I'm leaving." The mean looking man commented. Fine, leave. I did not want you here any way!

"Scorpio, wait! Ichthys, let's follow him." The male named Dui yelled.

"Pfft, he reeeally does not want to have anything to do with humans." The dark brown hair with blue faded tips, which I am guessing is Ichthys, said. I continue to watch in bewilderment as the three men with black armbands disappeared out the window leaving me behind. How?! This is the fourth floor! Two remaining men with white armbands continued talking amongst themselves.

"Scorpio still knows how to make his words 'sting.' Somethings never change.." The dark blue haired man said looking down with his blue eyes.

"Ignore him, Hue." The one called Teo mentioned towards the dark blue haired male.

"Of course I will. I do not have any interest in engaging him... Typical scorpion." Hue said confidently. Scorpion? What are they talking about? "I do not care how much of a hovel this place is; he should watch his tongue." Do they live in like a mansion or something? My apartment is pretty nice with the salary I make.

"Hey!" I yelled interrupting their conversation. But, like they completely ignored me.

"You just said something pretty mean yourself, Hue." Teo smiled at his friend.

"Y-Yeah! What is all this about, anyway!?" I roared still confused. "You can not just burst in here and start calling my place small and dirty..!" When I look up to glare at the man called Hue, his beautiful blue eyes meet my gaze. With our gaze, his face stood frozen and still.

Teo stared at him confused as he said, "Hue?"

"'s nothing." Hue ducked his head down. Did he just look away from me? Regardless of whatever is going on here, that's rude. I mean I'm not that horrible to look at.

"Aww, that's no way to treat a lady." Teo smiled brightly. Now it's the man with a kind smile and princely aura's turn to approach me. He slowly brings his face closer to mine. When we make eye contact, his golden eyes go wide just like the other man's did. "You... You have stars in your eyes."

"Excuse me?" I said confused. Stars in my eyes? I mean my brown eyes have never had stars.

"Oh..?" Another man with light brown sliced hair, who until now had been standing in the back with his arms crossed, moves languidly, walking up to me. Has that guy really been here the entire time? "I see..So that means you are..?" What is up with this guy?! He gives off such an intimidating vibe! I'm kind of scared. He just needs to stay over there and leave me alone.

"Leon, you are getting too close to her." Hue suggested.

"Stars in her eyes? Now I'm interested." The guy infront of me who I figured was Leon confidently said. His cocked smirked made me want to slowly disappear away from him. Why is he getting so close?? Is he enjoying my constant fear?

"What is this all about?! I-I'm going to call the police!" I mentioned. I was running out of options, and six men do not just magically appear in someone's apartment. Only in movies and crazy dreams does this ever hapoen!

"Haha, the police? Hilarious." Teo smiled chuckling. "We are... Gods." Hold. The. Phone. Did I hear this guy right? No way did he just say what I think I heard?

".....Gods?" I copied. Ok these guys must be crazy. I'm going to die. Yeah that is it.

"'The gods who rule the stars'...Does that ring a bell?" Teo continued with his kind smile. I don't understand AT ALL....! What are they, stars? Gods? Oh! Could they be..?!

"Do you mean the princes of the stars?" I asked. I do not even know what I'm saying. Maybe this is all some big dream or a prank on a reality tv show.

"Oh! Yeah, yeah! Like that!" Teo answered still smiling.

"Anyway.." Hue interuppted. "Please come with us. Actually, you MUST come with us. It's your destiny."

"You've got to be kidding me!! Gods? Princes of the stars?!" I said sounding even more confused than I was.

"You don't believe us? But you just wished on a star." Teo seemed shocked at my reaction.

"T-true, I did....but.." I continued, but then I stopped myself. Wait a minute, how does this guy know I wished on a shooting star? "Please let the sky clear up tomorrow." I didn't even say it out loud.. "Anyway, if you don't hurry and get out of here, I'll report you to the police!"

"You are only a human, yet you dare refuse the gods?" Leon roared as his face turned from playful into serious. Leon started walking closer to me.

"D-don't come any closer.." I ordered to him. His beautiful brown eyes hold overwhelming power that demands to be obeyed. I freeze. Come on legs move away from him. Of course they won't do a dang thing. I'm dead.

A devilish smirk grows on his face as he says, "What a noisy woman..Refusing us was never an option. I'll personally make you understand. That shouldn't be so bad, hm?" Leon starts laughing condescendingly as his long fingers slowly trace a line down my cheek. I'm shocked over the warm touch of his touch against my skin. My body begins to cling. "Don't be afraid." Leon said with an evil smirk on his face.

"Wow. I never would have thought you'd touch a human, Leo." Teo commented shocked over what Leon was doing.

"This is just a little entertainment. It should be fun." Leon mentioned confidently as he continued to have 'fun.' I wish I could unfreeze and punch you in the face. I would enjoy that.

"Geez, what are you planning on doing?" Teo said with a frown on his face. I thought his smile would always be there.

"I'm simply going to make her understand our power, that's all." Leon suggested. Power? Maybe these people are not that crazy. After he said that, Leon pulled his fingers away from my cheek. Then, he raised his hand up and snapped his fingers.

The next instant, my body is floating in midair. In the blink of an eye, I'm out of the window. My body floats in the night sky. "L-let me down! Please!" I screamed. I'm not a big fan of heights! On top of that, we are floating over skyscrapers!

"I could, but.. Do you really want me to let you down NOW?" Leon answered. He is right. I'd fall head first to the ground! Smug little jerk!

"Nevermind! Don't drop me!" I yelled changing my behavior over my predicament.

"There's no need to yell. I have no intention of letting you go just yet.." He commented as I stared down. When people say 'don't look down', they mean it!

"B-but!" I suggested thinking that he might actually let me die.

"I could let you live or die depending on my mood." Leon added. I hope you are in a great mood. "I don't think it would be very wise of you to yell any further." This HAS to be a dream..! Flying through the sky, this is just too crazy! Maybe this dream will end very VERY soon.

Unconcerned with my bewilderment, Leon takes me by the waist and pulls me close. He gracefully takes my hand and walks off, leading me across the sky. It's like the two of us are taking a stroll in midair. "We are going up a little higher." Leon whispers softly in my ear before moving his big hand to softly cover my eyes. I can't see. His words have been harsh, but his touch is quite the opposite. The hand that blocks my vision is gentle. I feel my pulse quicken. Why is my heart racing?! It's because I'm  scared to be in the sky, right?

Suddenly, I can see again. A star-filled sky and a beautiful view of the city below spread out before my eyes. "Oh my gosh, it's so pretty! This is like a dream!" I mentioned as I felt my eyes gleaming over the view around me.

"So, you forget about your fear when I show you something beautiful? What's the most beautiful thing you see right now?" He whispers quietly in my ear.

"The stars, of course." I answered staring at their sparklingly beauty.

"You appreciate the beauty of the stars? I guess you do have taste after all." He commented still holding me.

"Yes.. I've loved stars since I was a child." I mentioned.

"I supposed the noble light of the stars in unreachable to lowly humans. They have no choice but to look up at them an envy.. How pitiful.." Leon added as his smug arrogant demeanor came back. Was that a compliment or an insult?

"Honestly though, I've never seen anything this beautiful before." I ignored whatever Leon said and continued looking at the view.

"Then, have you decided to believe?" Leon asked.

"Believe.. You mean believe that you and your friends are gods?" I questioned myself to believe him.

"What else would I mean?" Leon commented. I swear I do not know why this is happening, but Leon is bothering me.

However, I am lucky to have such a beautiful dream, so I answered, "If this is a dream, I can believe you are a god."

With a smug, comical look on his face, Leon commented, "A dream? What a self-serving, human thing to think."

"Huh?" Such a jerk. No way is this not a dream.

"Well... Fine. Now that you believe we are gods, the next thing you need to do is be a good girl and follow me. Come with me." Leon ordered.

"Follow you?" Why should I follow a man I just met? Have I went to crazy town?

"To put it in human terms, you need to 'have faith.' It's up to you whether you follow me or not." Leon commented. What does that mean? "We'll it's time for some entertainment. I hope it's enjoyable." He says, one corner of his mouth curling up into a smirk. He touches my cheek. Suddenly, I feel my body drop.

"What? Hey..!" I yelled.

"You are a foolish human to refuse a god.. We'll meet again. And when we do, you'll say that you'll be mine.." Leon said with a devilish smirk on his face.

"Wait! I'm falling!" I screamed as I felt my body drop.

"I am Leon, ruler of Leo. Remember my name." I didn't ask your name. Just save me, you jerk! I felt my body falling straight for the ground. Closing my eyes, I hoped the idiot 'God' would save me as my body plunged into the ground.
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