zayn- quiz result

zayn- quiz result

if u have taken my quiz "who is ur 1d hubby", got zayn and want to know the rest of ur story then read this!

published on February 23, 201339 reads 33 readers 5 completed


You were hanging out with your friends at the park.  You guys were teasing each other, till you and your friend Katy started a little bit of a chick fight. You quickly got up a started chasing each other. Since you were originally they to get a tan you were bare foot, anyways Katy was getting close so you darted a crossed the gravel parking lot letting out a little “ow” with each step. Finally came an “OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!” you looked down the gravel was getting soaked with red liquid. You had just stepped on a piece of broken glass!  “ARE YOU OKAY!” a strong British accent came. You turned around (regretting in somewhat because even more pain shot through your foot.) and rammed right into someone you lost your balance but strong arms caught you. You looked up to see a handsome guy with black hair. “are you ok?” he repeated.  “not- really.” You said painfully. He quickly swept you up bridal style and carried you to a picnic table were he looked at the wounded. The way he held your foot so gently, and had such a synthetics   look on his face almost melted the pain way. ”you need to be looked at!” he said with a firm yet gentle voice he offered to take you to the ER and you finally ended up giving in, Katy came with you two while the others made you promise to call them later. 2 hours later your foot was wrapped up and Zayn and Katy were helping you into Zayn’s car. Zayn then slipped a note into your hands a and whispered “read it later.”  At home you read the note it said : “let me take you to dinner Friday, Ill pick you up at 8.” So when Friday night came Zayn pick up on your doorstep, and one of the best nights of your life began. 10 months later Zayn took you to the movies and dinner, then took you for a walk.  He walked you to a bridge close to the park were you first met, you talk a while, then he leaned into kiss you a minute later you quickly broke  apart as you heard a huge boom. You looked over the water to see fireworks. And after 2 of 3 they started making words: (your name) will you marry me? You felt Zayns arm leave your side you looked over at him. “Of course!” you got married within 10 days! You were unable to have a baby so u adopted a little girl named Sara.  You were married for 58 years when you both died in a plane crash.
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Comments (5)

I'm just reading all the results
on August 29, 2013
I got Niall but this story is fabulouis xx
on July 29, 2013
on June 02, 2013
I got Liam for my result but this story is awesome anyway!
on March 31, 2013
omg i love it!
on February 24, 2013