Aaks past life

Aaks past life

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The truth

The truth

“In fact, my mother would have never even contested what Lois and Connie told her. She was never very tenacious in arguments.
"You can go wait in the car outside," my father informed me.
I left the office but lingered outside the closed door, a little afraid that my father was not going to win this battle against two middle-aged ladies. I also did not want to brave the paparazzi alone. In all honesty I was pretty sure that my father was going to leave me in Los Angeles and I was going to be dropped off at some weird foster home in the Valley.
A moment later, my father exited the office, grabbed my wrist, and led me toward the main lobby of the facility. Over his shoulder he called to Lois and Connie,”

“When we rolled into the driveway my heart sank, because the house looked so unassuming and serene it was impossible to believe that anything had changed since I had last seen it in daylight. I felt certain as I climbed out of the limo and closed the door behind me that the last two days had been some kind of twisted dream, and that when I entered the front door Mom would be stretched out on the couch in her robe, watching TV. I raced up the stone path to our front stairs while Dad called out behind me, "Aak,wait a second.”
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on February 22, 2013