What happend last night? Part two

What happend last night? Part two

What happend last night I liked the kiss part but what happend after that?

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Chapter 1.
The next part

The next part

Nick stood by a tree stump then looked up at the sky he grinned at a bird flying by that seemed lost. I ducked my ears and twitched my tail. Nick looked at me he got up and smiled. I smiled back and looked back at the river. A cold breeze went around my neck. Nick yawned and walked by the huge log over the river. He stepped and the thing snapped then threw him upside down. His lock went into his mouth then he started to munch on he metal lock.i laughed then helped him up. We looked into each others eyes.i felt something good in my heart. Is it love that I feel?

"You okey?" I asked
"Yes I am..." He yawned
"Heh, wanna go hunt?" He asked with a grin
"Okey." I said

We went down the hill and saw a teenager playing with sticks. I ran down and roared the teen heard me and tried to run nick pounced on him and I snapped at the humans neck with my sharp fangs. We had a good meal.

"So, how are your friends?" Nick asked as he swished his tail
"They are good I guess." I said as I looked down at my feet and blushed
"What's wrong?" He asked as he looked at me

I blushed and looked up into his eyes.
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Comments (2)

Hmm...spelling and punctuation need to improve but good story line :)
on May 21, 2013
on February 16, 2013