Blik ville part one

Blik ville part one

This will be your story of a life time well, it is finally here blik ville

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Part one:the before

Part one:the before

Season 3



The bell sounded and for everyone to get up. "GET UP YA'LLLLLL!" A voice screamed from above. No breakfast. You all are losers. Dinner will be served tonight!"

The voice sounded, "Since you all failed the battle test yesterday, you are going to get the harshest training you've ever had, ya freeloaders!"

The voice rang again, and then the soldiers marched out into the training arena. "First, we have an obstacle course for you all. Go across the bridge of death, over the lake of fire, and through the forest of pointy things. Good luck!"

"Next... we have a challenge. You have two wild animals, each. They are beasts you have probably never seen before... you are to maul them. Continue on!"

A buzzer rang from nowhere. 'Whoever had the skill to smite the beasts may continue to eat dinner. Everyone else, run ten miles, no dinner for you! Thank you all for your participation, we hope you will have another wonderful time with us!"



A new day had begun, and now it was time to begin the first battle... "Get up, fools! No breakfast for you... yet." They marched through the halls to make sure everyone was awake. "Safe? You want this to be safe? What, are you larvae? Nothing is safe in the real world."

The soldiers made their way around half of the group. Ten of the group would be on one team, and the remaining ten on the other. They had just created teams, and had ten markers, one for each of the members of the teams. They were red and blue.

The soldiers got out of the arena, after scootching over the teams on opposite sides of the arena. "When that marker senses pressure, you will be immediately teleported out of the arena and into the sidelines! Last one standing is the winner." [Be fair, everyone! Or I will just eliminate you overall... trying to keep everything fair.] A loud sound emitted from nowhere. It was the signal to begin.

The soldiers were looking quite bored of everyone playing around in the battlefield, so they divided the arena into two. "thank you for your cooperation, you are all winners. Except for the few losers in the sidelines. As they walk down here, shame them. Shun them. Whatever." They filed a line toward the cafeteria. "Feel free to do some further mauling, but we're starving."



The aliens lines up one of them spoke aloud, "Practice your moves. Let's see what you're physically capable of right now, and we will be watching and taking note." The soldiers got behind each member and watched them as they brought a test dummy in front of everyone.

The aliens clapped their hands once, creating a sound wave that traveled across the room. "alright, everyone... when your assessment is complete, dinner will be waiting." The aliens who had judged already filed away in a single line. "While we are at dinner, we have a few things to assign, however."

Food synthesized in front of everyone quickly. It was what seemed to be noodles with blue, glowing rings on them. It looked like the earth-food, spaghetti. There was sauce, but it was glowing a bright peach color.

"Hello, fellow trainees..." the speaker announced, "we have an assignment for you all today. Tomorrow there will be two... fights between you. Don't worry... we will try our hardest to make these safe, much like martial arts. However, in order for you to improve, you will need to know how to fight another creature just like yourself. Tomorrow we will choose teams... and then begin. See you all there, and enjoy your dinner!"



A bell rang from nowhere. A loud, obnoxious voice rang through the corridors and summoned the crew. "Get your lazy hides out here, now!" It screamed. "But it is a beautiful breakfast. And they get better, as you are rewarded for your hard work... that will soon come." There was a loud, loud sound that emitted from nowhere, since the person who was holding the microphone dropped it. "Th-that is all!"

Robots made their way to each table and gave them food. There was approximately ten minutes before the first training session started, and everyone needed to eat breakfast and be in the training arena before that time, or there would be... consequences.

A loud buzzer rang through the room. The timer had stopped, and it was now time to head to the first day or training. Soldiers waited inside the training arena.

The soldiers lined up and some stayed out of line, doing whatever soldier things they wanted to do. One of them, the tallest one, spoke up. "Here we will train you to be warriors." He said, "it has been told to us by our leader that we teach you the ways of our kind through battle. It will be hard for the small ones... but I am positive you can overcome this." He was a positive one, he didn't speak like it would be a deathly job, but he was serious about it as well. He walked forward a little. "We will begin now."



The leader glared at the newcomers. "What are you waiting for? Aren't you scared or even the slightest bit intimidated? We are here to destroy you, unless, of course, you have another idea for how you can serve us... however, we do not take tresspassers lightly. Take your pick."

The alien "leader" laughed. All of your suggestions... so picky, so useless! I was thinking of maybe... fighting. Our people absolutely LOVE fighting! Hahahaa! I think you would GREAT at that... if you had the proper training... that's it, I have an idea! We can train our soldiers to train YOU to fight! Seeing as... a few of you are quite scrawny and insignificant... that will just NEVER do..."

"Aww... zhat's so sad! You guys don't like this idea... well, then so be it! I'll give you all a room and tomorrow you'll start. It's fun for everyone else, andmetoo, but you know, I can do vhatever I wish here! Bye bye!" The force fields moved the crew to opposite ends of the room, into corridors and eventually would lead into rooms designed to keep TWO PEOPLE. You may choose one other person.

Everyone was in a room now, and at the top of the room, an announcer spoke out loud. "So... everyone, you're off to bed right now." The lights turned off. "Goodnight... oh, oh! I did forget something, though... First of all! You will be put to work tomorrow, after breakfast of course. And don't worry... our breakfasts are absolutely wonderful. Beautifulls. Tomorrow you will work hard, but it will be fair, oh yes! And if you work hard, you will be rewarded! Do not worry, ve are not cruel or mean... we just like to envorce vhat we vant! Good night."



It seemed like an absolutely normal day. When the universe seemed to gain a new leader, the crew was outraged, but as time went on, nothing seemed to happen at all. These "leaders" seemed to make absolutely no effort to change anything to their preference. One day, though, everything broke loose throughout the universe.

The ship was veering toward a strange outpost in space, it was off of the radar, and seemed to glide away toward it for an unknown reason. The ship gained some speed, a noticeable amount for the crew members.

The ship clanged against metal in the middle of deep space. It was being pulled onto a cavern of some sort... a metal cavern. Soon the ship seemed to be being captured, captured this easily! Lights lit up the cave and the ship was squished in place, while the doors opened, and the team had no choice but to leave.

The ship was soon covered in what seemed like titanium police tape, and some aliens made their way into the space where the team was getting off. "You're under arrest for tresspassing in the government's territory... you are lucky you weren't attacked and shot down, each and every one of you could have been killed." They created a force field around the crew. "You're coming with us."

The aliens took the crew to a large room, where there seemed to be a focal point above everyone's height. The aliens stopped and bowed. "Our universal leader." They spoke. Their "leader" looked down at the troops. "Late." It responded, and the troops were shot and killed instantly, every single one of them. "So, what are you doing here in our territory? You will all be killed for doing so."



Ten years later on the large, beautiful gemberry planet with glittering dust, the crew was sitting around on its surface. STEVE had been completely revamped, and it was ENORMOUS. Everything about STEVE was completely modern and futuristic, since they had the funds to do so.

Despite the amount of drama going on, there was something important that needed to be shown to the crew.

The crew was shown a large room of statues of the deceased crew members, in honor of their memory.

Suddenly an alert sounded from inside the ship. It was coming from some sort of news thing... that's never happened before.

Suddenly a voice came out of a radio that had picked up important signals coming from the outer reaches of the universe. "And now... we present the citizens of the universe with..."

"Citizens of the universe," it began, again, "We have finally elected a leader to aid us in trouble and riot, and the universe will be ruled with no more uprising, arguments or outrage..."

"We are proud to present our universe's new leader... all we ask of you is loyalty and nothing more. Do not question its authority."

"We believe you will have completely cooperation with us... and bow to your new leader. Forever."
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