Annabeth's Return story short Leo's Return

Annabeth's Return story short Leo's Return

This is the eighth in the series I think and I wanted to something less stereotypical to Annabeth than make her stupid. . Hahaha! >:]

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Annabeth's turn.  We walked down the tunnel and I had to say it was getting repetitive. It was just the sort of 'hey what happened to you?' Like everyone was gonna get it at some point.  It was Hazel and my turn to go down here.  I was glad I was chosen to get my girlfriend.

We reached the bottom and I heard nothing.  I looked at Hazel but she just shrugged.  We made our way quietly down the pit until I saw her.  Well, her back was facing us and her head was ducked, but she was there.

"Go away."  She mumbled.

"Come on.  Everybody is getting all that weirdness.  Come out."

"No one has it as bad as me."  She huffed.

"Oh yeah?  Hazel is bone white."  She looked at me.

"Well thank you Mr. Positive."  Hazel mumbled.

"My point is that no one will laugh or anything.  Be a little surprised at first, maybe, but it'll be fine."  I hoped I sounded convincing.  I must've, because she turned around slowly.  I braced myself for the worst, but I was not ready for this.
She looked... different.  But like good different.  I think.  She had brown hair (or was it black?  Bad lighting.) And she looked and inch or two taller.  And, um, how do I say this so I don't sound like a slut.  She.... um.... her shirt.... never mind.

She crossed her arms over her chest and looked down.  I went forward and pulled her into a hug and she wrapped her arms around me, resting her head on my shoulder.

"You're fine."  

"As long as you're here Seaweed Brain."  She kissed me, and we would have gone forever if Hazel hadn't cleared her throat.

"Guys, we should go."  She said.

By the time we got back up, Leo was gone.  I wondered what was gonna happen to him.  When Jason saw Annabeth, his eyes slowly floated down her body.  I stepped in front of her protectively and shook my head.  Jason hadn't stood up for days (well, not when anyone could see) so he didn't try to come after me.  Shorty.  Hehehe.

But if Leo was gone, that meant I was next, and I couldn't fathom what was going to happen to me.  I grabbed Annabeth's hand and we walked to her cabin.

"Its really bad, isn't it?" She she asked, recrossing the arm she had let to with to hold my hand.  

"No.  No.  No.  I'm sure you're the best of everyone.  You know... except Piper.  She got really lucky."  Annabeth's sighed.

"I'm worried about you. Leo's gone, so you'll be next."

"I'm worried about me too, but I'm more worried about the Aphrodite-like aura your putting off that makes me want to kiss you."  I confessed.  She rolled her eyes and slid closer to give me a little kiss.  She smiled and I wanted it to never to end.
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