If i was in the hunger games i would...

If i was in the hunger games i would...

this story will be about what i would do if i was reaped for the hunger games and you have to read to see if i will live or be killed by the other tributes

published on January 27, 201349 reads 27 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

my district

i wake up in district 4 the only place I have ever known. I walk down the hall to see if my 12 year old brother has gotten out of bed because he would be hungry. 'hey amber!" my brother Pete yelled down the hall as if it was any other day. but today was his first reaping... i didn't bring it up because i though he would be scared and not eat rest of the day. " good morning Pete how are you doing today?" i said in a cherry voice because i didn't want to set  him off. " hey amber i am really hungry for some eggs and fish!" Pete was still completely normal! so i went with it and made his breakfast and started to get him prepared for what i had to say to him. " you know what today is right?" i asked "Tuesday?" he responded " no today is reaping day remember?' I asked with ease so i wouldn't startle him. " THAT"S TODAY?!?!?!?!" he screamed mom you surly get out of bed now. " Pete its OK you knew it you just couldn't say it to yourself." i responded drying his tears and trying to get him calm before mom walked in... to late " AMBER YOU HAVE TWO JOBS IN THE MORNING KEEP YOUR BROTHER QUITE AND GO FISH TO SELL TO PEACEKEEPERS!!!!!!!!" my mother shouts like normal when Pete screams. " today's differ..." i couldn't finish the whistle blew so we had to go get ready for the reaping. so that's what we went to do
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on April 30, 2013