As Luck Would Have It

As Luck Would Have It

Jayden's life changes when he wins the lottery and a chance encounter with a spunky Porn Star

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In The Beginning

She was panting underneath him, and though he could not see her face, there was no mistaking her  vapid grunting. From this view Jayden Ross could only make out the shape of his wife's feet with her delicate ankles and shapely calves. At the moment her legs were wrapped around a man he did not know. For a moment he stood there, watching as this stranger thrust deeply into his woman for what seemed like an eternity.

Jayden cleared his throat and the two sprang apart like scalded animals. His wife reaching to cover herself, the man trying desperately to get his pants back on. "F**k this, I don't want any part of this shit." said the stranger as he sprinted passed Jayden on his way out the door.

"Well do you have anything to say for yourself? Anything at all?" asked Jayden.

As she calmly lit a cigarette Jayden's wife replied "I want a divorce"  

Rachel Brooks sat on an overstuffed black leather sofa, across from a balding man at his cheap, particleboard desk.  

"So you don’t have any experience modeling then?" the man asked her.

She shifted nervously in her seat as he gave her resume another look.

"Not professionally…"

She watched as he began busily scrawling out notes on the document.

"But, I'm a fast learner. Please, I know I have what it takes."

The man looked up, he could sense how nervous she was. Her bright green eyes were fixed on his. Her breathing was tense, for a little too long he watched her pert breasts rise and fall. When he made eye contact again, he could see that she was blushing. He knew he had her right where he wanted her.

"I want you to stand up against the wall over there." the man commanded, picking up a cheap looking video camera.

Rachel obeyed, the man watched her as she walked to the wall. Her long legs gave the impression that she was much taller than she was. Her short black skirt only magnified the effect.

"Here?" She asked nervously tugging at the hem of her skirt.

"That’s perfect" The man sighed. "Why don't we go ahead and lose the shirt?"

Rachel knew this was coming, it was only a matter of when? She took a deep breath and began to slowly lift the tight, black cotton t-shirt exposing her toned, flat stomach.

"That's it girl." The man cooed at her. The words seemed to ooze out of his mouth.

She slowly revealed the rest of her body, her small waist, the bell curve of her ample breasts, As she removed her shirt she let her arms drop to display her small pierced nipples.

"You've been a really good girl today Rachel, you think you could be good for just a little longer?" he asked

"I think so" Rachel responded, in her best attempt a sultry voice.

"Good," he said "Well then, I want you to su*k my co*k"

Without missing a beat Rachel dropped to her knees and crawled to where the balding man was seated. She fumbled for a moment with his belt before sliding it off and diving for his zipper. Within moments his c*ck was free, and she descended on it, sliding it in and out of her warm, wet mouth.

She soon felt his hands in her hair urging her onwards. He moaned as he thrust his co*k deeper and deeper down her throat. She could feel him throbbing and knew he was close.

"This isn't even going to be hard" she thought to herself

She worked her tongue  on the base of his shaft as he continued to f*ck her face. A few moments later he spewed his seed in her mouth. She promptly swallowed his cum, before giving him a few more courtesy sucks.

"So, did I get the job?" She asked jokingly

The man was still shaking  and a bit out of breath.

"Be out in L.A. in two weeks, and give me a call directly. I can't promise you fame, kid. But after that c*cksuckin', I can sure as hell promise you work. There are boys down there that would kill to work with a little wh*re like you."

She dressed in a hurry and gathered her belongings. "Oh, where do I pick up my check?"

The man laughed "Here's a tip sugar, you should CHECK to see if you're getting paid BEFORE you actually do a job."

Rachel felt her heart sink in her chest. "So I'm not getting paid for…for that?"

"Not this time little lady, but like I said, call me when you get to L.A."

As she walked back to her car she fought back tears. Even though she only gave a little head, Rachel was pretty sure this is what getting f*cked felt like.

"You're late, Ross!" Boomed Jeremiah Givers Jr, Jayden's boss, and foreman of Jeremiah's Northwest Carpentry. His father Jeremiah Sr. had hired Jayden and when he retired, passed the company down to his highly incompetent son.

"Wont happen again, boss." He replied.

"No it wont happen again, you know why? Because if it does you're fired!"

Jayden began to load his truck up with the necessary equipment for the day. As he was about to pull off he noticed Abby, the young brunette secretary that had recently been hired. He honked to get her attention, she smiled and waved back.

"Maybe today won't be so bad after all" he thought to himself.

And it wasn’t. For two years Jacob hadn't felt quite right. He was just now getting used to the fact that he was a divorcee at 26, but he still missed his wife. Even though she had cheated on him, he missed her with every breath he took.

But Abby…
Ah yes,  Abby was a ray of hope even on his dreariest day.
He would often smile at her and imagine what it would be like to be with her, to hold her, to kiss her. To feel her body pressed against his. Abby represented hope for Jayden and though it wasn’t much, it was all he had to hold onto at the moment.

He spent his day setting hard wood floors, and dry walling add ons,  in a house he could never hope to own, it was hard work, but his day dreaming kept him from complaining too much.
He had dreams of being an architect, he was even in school  to pursue that dream…but that was before the divorce. He couldn’t afford to be an architect now, but carpentry and wood work let him be creative.

Both were about to be taken from him.

It was the end of the day, when a greasy haired Jeremiah Jr. called him into his office.

"We have a problem, Ross."  he said

"If it's about me being late, it's like I said, It wont happen again" replied Jayden

"It's not that. Jayden, we had a complaint about you…sexually harassing our employees, especially one Abby Palmer. As you know we have a zero tolerance policy against this sort of harassment…"

"You're kidding me" Jayden interrupted. "I would never! This must be a mistake, just bring her in here and we can -"

"I'm afraid that wil be enough, please gather your things and go!"

Jayden didn’t have much to gather. Just enough to fit in one box. He had the awkward experience of being led by Abby's desk by security, she refused to even look at him. Jayden's heart felt like it had been ripped out of him. It took all of him not to shout at her, or try to explain. Right now he was focused on not crying.

For a while he just drove, until finally he found himself in a 7-11 parking lot. He decided to get a pack of smokes, he hadn't smoked in years, but today seemed like the day.

"Anything else?" The small Asian cashier asked "Lottery Jackpot is over forty million right now.

"Fine, just one"

The lady handed him a bag with his smokes and a ticket.

"Good Luck" she called out to him as he left.

"Not very likely" He responded more to himself than for her benefit. "Not very likely.

Later that night he collapsed on his bed, the weight of the day hitting him. He lay in bed absolutely exhausted, but unable to fall asleep.
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Add more make sure to add this c*ck sucking parts do it super detailed
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