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All of the chapters are in one thing... AND IM NAT FINISHRD


By: u no need to know mah name


Prologue: Fifth grade was the best year of my life, I made the coolest friends, I had the coolest teacher, and I felt like my life was as close to perfect as it was going to be. Even though I had the craziest life ever. So as the last few days flew by I couldn’t keep in the tears as I heard my Father said that were moving.

    I know we couldn’t afford a house here anymore and he found someone he wanted to marry, but I wish he didn’t keep this all a secret from me. I now can’t really tell if I’m sad or mad, but all I knew was that I’m probably not going to be forgetting my friends last year. So when I went to sixth grade instead of being my happy, always smiling self. I turned I don’t even know…

Chapter One:

    I laid down in bed thinking about everything. Once I moved here my Father found my step mom and they got married. She’s not bad, but I don’t really like her. I’m not really very happy with my siblings either. Vanessa is my step sister, she is nine and she is kind of VERY suck up, and kind of thinks the world revolves around her. Harold is my step brother, he is fourteen and he is always watching sports and playing video games and always has something to scream about, He is okay sometimes because we both love video games. I barely see my older brother Toby in college, and I could tell he always hated me though. Then my step brother Waldo who is six, I really never see Waldo. Before finishing I heard my door creak open and I acted like I was asleep then I felt something on my bed

“LYNN GET UP! LIKE, IT’S TIME FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!” Vanessa yelled in my ear jumping on my bed. I kicked her off and she then whipped her long hair in my face and ran out. I rolled out of my bed and threw on whatever clothes I saw and walked into the kitchen. It was a mess like usual Vanessa and Harold were screaming at eachother, Toby visited and was failing at making food like usual, and Waldo was… well no one can ever find Waldo. “Good morning Lynnie,” My step mom said and I nodded to her and jumped on the counter to see if there was anything to shove in my mouth before school. Like always Harold probably ate everything for breakfast. He could seriously eat the whole kitchen if we allowed him too. Unlike Vanessa, who only ate ONE type of cereal, that had to have the PERFECT amount of pieces in the bowl, and the milk ALWAYS had to be chocolate. Or else she won't eat it. Now I see why Vanessa and Harold probably fight so often.
    “Mom,” I said checking the clock, “They need to go.”

She ran out of the other room and shoved Vanessa and Waldo out the door to their bus stop.

“Lynn, Harold get ready for your bus to okay?”

“Yeah sure,” Harold and I yelled I put on my backpack and Harold sat down playing Ocarina of Time like he always does. I was about to scream at him to get ready but instead I threw a pillow at him and he flew off the couch.

“What was that for!” he said

“I don’t know.” Then I took his game and started playing around on it.

He smirked probably going to say an insult but we heard the bus honk and we ran outside and waved goodbye to summer to start our new school year. I wish I could have stayed home though.

Chapter 2:

The bus was filled with a lot of high schoolers. I didn’t see anyone who looked close to my age on the bus, besides Harold but that was it. They all were talking about weird things I couldn’t understand but I think I know some parts of what they were talking about, and that was weird...While we were getting off I tripped over a student and she game me the evil eye and walked away. She looked about my age, but i hope I never see that kid again. Or anyone on the bus.

I had trouble finding my way through the hallways but after a while I found the gym and all the students sat in there and the principal's introduced themselves and the teachers. I ended up in the Social studies room with Mr. Maxx. When we all got to our classrooms Mr. Maxx wanted us to introduce ourselves. Though a lot of people looked like they already knew each other. We had to say our names favorite color and what we like to do, Everyone didn’t agree to do that, but theres always going to be that one person who doesn’t agree. We went by last names, it sucks that mine has to be sixth. They all flew by fast. The person before my name looked like the kid I tripped over on the bus.

“Hello my name is Charlotte Eller and my favorite color is Silver! I also like shopping, singing, being perfect, and better!!!” Everyone clapped and I slouched down as she walked to sit down. I can tell we're not going to be anywhere near each other this whole year. The teacher then called out my name and I smiled and walked up and when I stared at everyone my smile faded and I started twitching. One kid in the back jumped up and yelled “START ALREADY!” and I just kept standing. I felt like I was going to start and then people began whispering and out of nowhere I felt like I was on fire. I then ran back to my seat and slouched down making sure no one could see me. What have I done! Stupid! What happened to the old happy you? You can’t even talk in front of this class room. Stupid!

Mr.Maxx turned to look at me and said “Rynn are you going?” Then some people started giggling. Oh great the teacher doesn’t even know how to pronounce my name. Why did I have to be the one odd one in the class?

Chapter 3

When we were all lined up to go home, I had to stand next to Charlotte because we were on the same bus. I kept on getting pushed into a locker because her friends. There names were like Zoey or whatever but I didn’t really care about their names anyway. They kept on talking about whatever girls talk about and it reminded me of when I hanged out with my friends, we never really talked about makeup or whatever but we would walk around school yelling OMG or BFF to get people annoyed. After the flashback I was shoved in a seat and Charlotte sat next to me grabbed her phone and a piece of gum.

    I ignored her at first then I saw she was texting her friend, fashion policing my clothes. (It’s a school, not a talent show -_-)  When she put her phone down she looked at me.

    “So, I see you were kind of scared up there.”

    “Umm. Yeah.” I said nervously looking away

    “Was it just that you were jealous of mine.”

    I sighed “No.”

    “Really,” she said “You know you can learn off of all of my moves and become as popular as I am.”

    I looked at her in the eyes of the first time, “You're serious?”

    “Yeah, in return you just have to be on my side and do my homework and get me water, no big things.”

I considered it at first then I remember the cat fight she had with the one girl in the hallway. Also I thought I don’t need to be popular.

    I shook my head “Nah it’s fine. I can fit in myself.”

    “You were lucky there. I’m not giving you other chances. Learn from the princess or be a loser forever.”

    I sat there for a second, What would my friends want me to do? Then I got my answer

    “I’m sorry, but I don’t need friends succeed in life, The ones who fly solo fly strongest.”

    Charlotte then picked up her phone again. “I’m sorry but I really do not care.”

    I then sort of got annoyed and said “Whatever I don’t need you and you're stuck up personality, you can go live in your little princess world, just leave me alone.”

    She shut her phone and said, “You don’t know what you got yourself into Wynn.” Then she grabbed her backpack and left. With the little courage I had left I yelled it’s Lynn and I hid again. Never wanting to see her or her group ever again

Chapter four

    At night I laid on my couch and I kept repeating what Charlotte said. "You don’t know what you got yourself into.” I hugged my pillow and I kept on saying it over and over, until Vanessa yells at me it’s time for bed. I then got up and went into all of our rooms. I climbed to the top to my bunk bed. I tried to get Alexa off my mind. Then while I was thinking Waldo screamed.


    “We have to watch t.v now!” Waldo turned on the t.v and switched the show to Peppa pig, his favorite show.

    “Not this again,” Harold said sarcastically, we can all tell this is the only show besides sports he likes.

    I just laughed and watched the episode. Waldo may be crazy, but he can sure help me calm from my everyday problems. As I watched the episode George was left out from Peppa and Suzie and I couldn’t help but relate it to the first day. I can probably relate a lot of things. I then just laid down and stared at the ceiling while listening to the sweet sound of pig noises, Vanessa yelling, and the rain. (cause yolo, it rains in every story)



    I walked into school unaware what was happening but everyone was staring. I just ignored and sat in my seat and never looked up. Then I heard my name be called in the voice I didn’t really want to hear.

    “Pynn what are you doing?!” Alexa said dancing over to my seat.

    “What do you want Charlotte, and it’s LYNN,” I replied.

    “Whatever, it’s just a nickname sheesh, by the way you can call me Char Char!” She then leaned in to my ear and whispered “Or your worst nightmare.”

I felt a chill go down my spine when she said that. I was about to ask her to go away but I stood up and walked to get to my first period class, but then she threw my book on the ground and said “You don’t need that Dynn, were just to gym!” I heard some giggling in the background but ignored and grabbed my book again and Charlotte dragged me into gym. I really wish I didn’t have the four classes with her. Also mentioning I’m really stupid.

We had to do our fitness test and run around the track four times. I stared down at my feet when everyone passed to get in the front, I wanted to get in front, but i’m kind of slow anyway. I’m kind of bad at everything. My thoughts got interupted when I heard our gym teacher yell


I walked to the line slowly stretching my feet very fast.


I saw kids getting ready looking like this was the race of life.


I saw Charlotte look back at me and tried to keep in her laugh, I then noticed I wasn’t ready, then I got in the starting position and waited for the “race of life” to begin.


We all started running and Charlotte being as perfect as normal ran faster than everyone, can’t wait to see when she gets tired, but that never happened. We all ran for awhile I noticed that people on their second lap were catching up so I tried to pick up the pace but Charlotte already found me then.

“Jeez, hurry up slow poke.”

I couldn’t say anything to her besides, “Whatever.” Then I kept running. She then pushed me down saying “Your so annoying Hynn” Then ran away. I for once in my life hoped that the teachers were actually paying attention, but no. I got up and my knee screamed to me “nope!” and I fell down again. No one bothered to help so I get back up and limped around for a little then tried to run again.

When I finally get to the finish line Charlotte was complaining to the teachers to lower her time because I was in the way, but luckily none of them knowed who Qynn was. (That teaches her to say my name right.) I then walked to sit on the bench and some random people in Charlotte’s crew came up and yelled at me for getting in the way of their “master.” Then that lead to some other random kids getting the wrong idea and saying I tripped her. I just wanted to scream SHUT UP or GO AWAY, but as my shy school personality I said “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to. This is not me my name is not Pynn, or Qynn, not Rynn, Wynn. My name is Lynn, I’m funny, nice, I like to make people smile, but my personality at school has a mind of it’s own. To them I’m shy, maybe kind of mean, because of an incident at lunch yesterday. Weird? That’s not me though! Why can’t someone actually look inside the book before it judges it by it’s cover being strange!




Chapter 6

Seven months…

It has been seven months now, March 17. I stared out the window at math wanted to jump off it and end it all. Charlotte finds any way she can to get me in trouble. She and her friends beat me up in the bathroom when no one it looking. Though I will carry on and get out of this grade but I don’t have any hope left. In class we were talking about how to find are which is like base times height divided by two, or what? Or was it length? I then shook my head and asked to go to the bathroom and ran out. I then found a note in my locker, I could tell who it was from because of the pretty perfect handwriting,


Hello, annoying girl, nice weather isn’t it?

I’d like to see you in the bathroom 9:00

I’d like to chat with you about our homework!

You have trouble on your homework do you, all those B’s and C’s are horrible

meet with me in there can I can help

We are... “FRIENDS” righ Zynn?

    I then sat there staring at the last sentence, Friends, was probably a code word for, I don’t know, something not good! The whole paper was no good! I sighed and took out a pencil and replied.


I guess I will bring my math homework… Friend…

    I’m not that stupid, I know this is a trap. Though I wouldn’t be able to reject it anyway. What choice did I have anymore?

I saw it was 7:58, and I should head over to the bathroom. Every step I took I squeezed my homework and math book harder. Once I reached the bathroom I expected her to be sitting on the sink like usual but instead she dragged me in and threw me against the wall. I feel down and I looked up at her not able to say anything and her friend came over and kicked me and yelled get up and just kept kicking. I was in too much pain to even get up but all I could do was hold my head and imagine if I was in my house. Though thats not really my happy place either.

“Why are you so annoying huh Synn, huh! Answer and maybe we will stop.”

I looked up and managed to say “Huh? I’m the annoying one, listen to your self for once.”

She then grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me closer to her.

“What did you say idiot!?”

“I didn't know you had terrible ears to.” I said, she then threw me at the wall again and stomped out. Her friends kicked me once more then left with her. I then went into a ball and tears strolled down my face. Why did I say that! I can’t control this other person. It has a mind of it’s own! I hate the person, but the person is me. Well I hate myself them. Stupid Stupid…

I heard someone storm in and I could tell it was Charlotte. She kicked me then said, “Your handwriting is worse than my sister, and she is like four!” She then saw I still wasn’t looking and kicked me again.

“Wake up idiot! I’m talking to you!” She said but I kept my head buried in my knees. “Fynn! I hate you! You are the most annoying thing on this planet just go and leave! Mr. Maxx wants you!”

I then got up but my feet were bricks and I couldn’t move. She crossed her arms and stared at me as I stared at my feet. We stood there in an eerie silence. I felt like letting all the rage out, but would she care about any words I say? Maybe not. I just whispered I hate you and ran. I ran out of the school building, I ran through the field, I ran so no one could see me, but that was pointless because no one would care where I ran anyway, maybe no one would care if I died either. Would anyone?
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I will post the rest soon, I have the story done though
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It is so sweet and touching, please do more!
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Its a good story..I feel sorry for Lynn now, Cant wait for next chapter!
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