Warriors Dawn and Blue

Warriors Dawn and Blue

Basically this is a warrior cat fan story that I created, it's more of a draft but I hope you like it! This story is set in around the lake with the four original clans. And yes, Dawnpaw is the fluffiest boi on the block.

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Chapter 1.
Cats of the Clans

Cats of the Clans

Thunder Clan
Leader and Deputy- Ashstar and Birchstones
Medicince cat and apprentice- Stonewatcher and Dawnpaw
Orangeridge: White she-cat with orange tracing head to toe, gold eyes
Wrinklepelt: White tom with wrinkly pelt, blue eyes
Creambloom: Gold she-cat with white striped tail and white mittens, gold eyes. Mate: Mudstorm, Kits: Dawnpaw, Moonpaw, and Rosepaw
Mudstorm: Light brown tom with tabby markings and white belly, gold eyes. Mate: Creambloom
Duskstep: Brown Siamese tom, blue eyes. Mate: Coldflight
Coldflight: Light grey she-cat with black stripes on head, grey eyes. Mate: Duskstep, Kits: Featherpaw and Bluepaw
Snakepath: White tom with black drip like markings, yellow eyes. Mate: Mosswish
Bouldertuft: Dark grey, sand, and grey colored tom, grey eyes
Smallbelly: Small black tom with brown feet and muzzle, black eyes
Shortear: Dull brown tom with a white belly, black stripes on chest, and curled back ears, brown eyes
Oakfire: Red siamese tom, blue eyes
Pebblepounce: Grey and white spotted she-cat with black stripes on tail, yellow eyes
Brookstripe: Brown tabby she-cat with pale pink belly, dull brown eyes
Moonpaw- Gold and sand colored she-cat, blue eyes. Mentor: Orangeridge
Rosepaw- Gold she-cat with white snout, gold eyes. Mentor: Wrinklepelt
Featherpaw- Light gray she-cat, warm blue eyes. Mentor: Pepplepounce
Bluepaw- Dark grey she-cat, cold blue eyes. Mentor: Brookstripe
Adderpaw- White tom with red snout and ears, gold eyes. Mentor: Bouldertuft
Amberpaw- White tom with red snout, belly, and tail, blue eyes. Mentor: Mudstorm
Mosswish: Black and white spotted she-cat, green eyes. Mate: Snakepath, Kits: Snowkit and Ravenkit
Powderface: White she-cat with grey face, green eyes
Stubtail: White she-cat with brown short tail, face, and ears, green eyes
Blossomwillow: Orange she-cat with white chest, blue eyes. Mate: Pantherclaw, Kits: Creambloom, Orangeridge, Adderpaw, and Amberpaw
Wind Clan
Leader and Deputy- Gorsestar and Rabbitbreeze
Medicine cat and apprentice- Appletip and Doewhisper
River Clan-
Leader and deputy- Salmonstar and Springfur
Medicine cat- Beechleaf
Shadow Clan
Leader and deputy- Shadestar and Thistletalon
Medicine cat and apprentice- Scorchpool and Ivypaw
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For everyone that read this thank you and please commment if you saw any mistakes, and feedback would be cool too!
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