Tales of the Abyss: Oddities of Fate

Alice is an innocent civilian who once lived in Akzeriuth; After what happens to the town, she searches out an answer in the Score, but instead she finds Luke and his companions on their way to Daath. Will Alice find the answers she seeks, or be thrown into something even more exciting? (OC involvement, please turn away if that does not appeal to you. JadexOC hinted at later on. This will be updated every so often, so do check back!)

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Chapter 1.

Prologue - Letters and Losses

The group had stopped briefly in Saint Binah on their way to Akzeriuth-Not by chance, but more to stock up on supplies than anything. After all, they had run into quite a bit of trouble, what with having to rescue Ion. The gels and life bottles, which would most likely be needed, were wearing thin after the group's fight with Largo and Sync... Luke was still whining about heading to Akzeriuth to meet Van, but was promptly ignored.

A young woman, bright eyed and curious, turned her head to look at the group at the mention of Akzeriuth... She approached, almost a bit shy. Tear is the first to notice her.

"Do you need something, miss?" The woman nodded. Black hair, and blue eyes seeming to sparkle with life. Almost a bit like Anise's, aside from the color.

"Did I hear you mention you were traveling to Akzeriuth...?" Luke nods. "Um... If you do not mind... Could you please give this letter to someone? He's supposed to visit from Akzeriuth soon, and..."

"Sure, I can do that for you!" Anise piped up, much to the others' surprise. She looked down at the short girl in front of her, before smiling.

"That would mean a lot to me... Here, if you would like, I could-"

"No payment will be necessary, miss." Tear suddenly interrupted, knowing precisely what Anise was up to-And cue protesting from the Fon Master Guardian. "Could you give me a brief description of him?"

"He looks a little bit like that gentleman there." The raven haired girl gestured to Guy. "His hair goes down to a little below his shoulders. He has a small scythe strapped to his back, too; It's impossible to miss him." The smile she gave Tear was gentle, showing her gratitude as best as she can. Tear nods her thanks, and as she turns away and the group begins to follow, the still silent Jade made eye contact with the woman, who nodded her head to him in respect.

As the group leaves her sight, the woman remembers some of the details she'd written in the letter. About the Score she had received.

Tragedy lies not far ahead, but you need not fret; you will soon become stronger than you ever have been.

It had worried her, so she warned her beloved to be careful in that note. She had a feeling, something big was about to happen...

And she couldn't have been more right. A day later word had spread across the entirety of Malkuth. Akzeriuth was entirely gone. Ten thousand people, dead in moments... And her beloved along with them. She had made a vow to herself as she left Saint Binah that day, hoping to figure out more in other towns. She would never let anyone that close again.

As a child, the woman had heard stories of a well-known Malkuth soldier who could revive the dead. Perhaps if she found him... No. No, a great soldier like that would never...

But even though she told herself that, she hoped that maybe, just maybe, if she met him, she could ask him about it. It may have been her desperation talking, but it would still be worth a try.
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