Dorky Volleyball Lovers. (Kageyama X Hinata)

Dorky Volleyball Lovers. (Kageyama X Hinata)

Kageyama and Hinata have been friends for a while now. What happens when Hinata confesses his love? Will they start a relationship or stay friends?

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

-3rd p.o.v-

It was a cold night just after volleyball practice on a Friday. Kageyama and Hinata were walking together just like they normally would. Suddenly the orange haired male stopped as he looked at the ground. The black haired male noticed this and stopped as he turned around to face the other male.

Kageyama studied his features for a moment until he finally spoke, “What’s wrong with you? You’ve been acting strange lately. During practice you seem to be unfocused.” Hinata didn’t respond as his gaze didn’t remove from the ground. Pissed Kageyama moved closer to the other male as he yelled slightly, “Tell me damnit!”

Hinata flinched as his eyes that were still located on the ground teared up. Then the orange haired male began to speak, “Kageyama..” The other male stood there and listened carefully to what he had to say. Hinata then looked at the male with tears still in his eyes as he continued, “There is a reason why I have been acting strange lately… But if I told you what was wrong, I’m afraid you’ll hate me.”

Kageyama looked at the other male as he spoke, “Why would I hate you?” “Because I like you” The other male replied. The black haired male tilted his head a bit as he spoke once again, “Yeah, I know, we’re partners.” Hinata was upset as he didn’t even get what he was trying to say. “No, I mean… I love you.” Hinata said as he then ran off not wanting to face the reality.

Shocked Kageyama stood in place for a moment then he ran after the othe. “Hinata, wait!” He yelled as he kept running. Tears were streaming down the orange haired male’s face. He kept running nonstop as he didn’t want to face the one he loved, he was afraid of being rejected. Soon Kageyama was able to catch up with him.

Once the male got to a good distance he grabbed Hinata’s arm. They both finally stopped. The shorter male tried to get out of the other’s grip just to run off again, but the grip didn’t loosen. Soon Kageyama decided to speak, “Don’t run.” Hinata looked at the ground as he replied, “Why? It would be better if I did…”

Kageyama blushed as he pulled the other male close embracing him into a hug. “I love you too, dumbass...” Hinata looked up at the tall male as he spoke, “Do you mean that?” The black haired male blushed as he only nodded. The short male smiled brightly as he tried to kiss the other male on the cheek but failed.

Kageyama laughed as he didn’t even slightly bend down. Getting upset Hinata began to pout, “C’mon, lean down a bit.” The taller male shook his head no as he didn’t even move. The male began to tear up. Kageyama noticed and he bent down and kissed him softly on the lips.

Hinata blushed lightly as he looked at the ground. He then looked at the sky as he saw it was getting late. “You should go home, It’s getting late.” The taller male said. The shorter one nodded as he quickly hugged the other before walking home. Kageyama watched him carefully as he then started to make his own way home.

Once he got home he took an apple and went to his room. He took a bite then laid down onto his bed. He knew that he wouldn’t see Hinata until monday morning so he had no idea what to do over the weekend. Sighing he closed his eyes and rolled onto his side. He then thought for a moment before opening his eyes and getting out his phone.

Kageyama stared at the screen then he flipped through the contacts until he saw Hinata’s name. He then sent him a message, I'm bored, come over. He put the phone on sleep mode and waited for a reply. He waited for a few more moments then he felt his phone buzz. The black haired male immediately turned on his phone and checked the message.

Then he read it carefully.  Sorry, I can't. I have to watch my little sister Natsu. The male growled slightly as he replied. Just bring her over here, I won't mind. He watched his screen as he saw the three little dots showing up indicating that he was typing. Then he saw the message show up making him smile. Alright.

//Hai my babies! Like the title? Cute, huh? This is my Kageyama X Hinata and I thought of it in the middle of science class... ya, I was supposed to be working then I was like... Hey this would be great for a Kagehina Fanfiction, then this beautiful story came together.
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