love without the games

love without the games

Cato and reader fan fiction. me and Cato have been together for a long time and I love him so much when we go to school will every thing change.

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Cato and me lemon 17+

Cato and me lemon 17+

First day of year 11 o my god I'm tired so tired I really shod have gone to bed earlier. I get dressed into my white school polo top and short black skirt. I grab my mascara and lip gloss and go to the mirror I straighten my long black hair to my bum. "Rhi breakfast is ready you beater hurry Cato is going to be hear soon." I grab my bag and run down stairs. my mum had made me a cup of tea and toast. I put the plate and cup into the dishwasher. then I hear a knock at the door I run to open it and Cato is standing there smiling. "hey babe" he says while giving me a kiss "hey we should get to school or we will be late".
we get to school and we meet our best friends Nicole, Jess, Gabe and Seth.  we all walk into school together.
later that day we are all on the field for the boys soccer game ass me, Jess  and Nicole are on the cheerleading team we are there cheering them on. At the end of the game we have one I run to Cato and he catches me in his arms he leans down and we have a long kiss. I breath heavily he takes this as an chance and he sticks his tong in my mouth. he lifts me and I lift my legs and wrap them around his waist he pushes me up against the wall. "guys stop we are on a filled not in a porn film."  says Gabe.
lets say once we got home we didn't hold back he took his top off I love his six pack and big muscles. after that lets just say we didn't hold back the night was filed with cry's and loud moans. it was the best night of my life and I'm glad that my mum was away for the week for work.
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