wire (5)

wire (5)

Wire's story only and truly began. Her friends teach her how to control her powers and also a few moves

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"Where are we going Knuckles?" I asked. "Me and Sonic talked it over and we think you guys should train."
"TRAIN!" Sora interrupted. "YOU HAVEN'T SEEN US FIGHT YET!" She screamed at him in rage. "That's why we want you to train. We haven't seen you fight and we want to know if your good or not." Sonic said. We all step into the forest and walked about five miles into it. "Here this looks like a good place." Sonic said. "Ok I already assigned us partners to fight with." Sonic said. "I'll go up against Socue..."
"Why is it because you like her?" Shadow said teasingly. "No." Sonic said blushing. I leaned over to Socue and whispered to her. "Someone has a crush" I  could see that when Shadow said that it was because he liked her that she too started to blush. "Any ways..." Sonic continued. "Knuckles your with Sora, Tails your with Double..." I turned around and I  saw a little orange fox that looked exactly like Double. "Shadow your by your self, and Silver your with Wire." Sonic said. We all got into our positions. I faced Silver with my fists raised. I don't know one thing about fighting except don't get hurt so I went for an defense thing. "I'll go easy on you." Silver said. I was actually glad that he said that because he looked a whole lot stronger then me. He game at me ready to hit me. I dodge it and ran the opposite direction, but I couldn't run too far cause before we fought Sonic said that we all had to stay about 10 feet from each other. I didn't know what that meant so I stayed close by. Silver came at me again and hit me right in the eye. I hurt it won't lie I felt like I was about to cry, but luckily I was able to hold it in. I concentrated on my powers and when I looked down I saw that the ground was turning to ice. "What the..." Silver said. He wasn't able to finish cause he slipped and fell. I just giggled out of excitement because I finally figured out how my powers worked. I don't know how I did because I can't even explain it. It's just as mysterious as my past. After the fight, Silver won, I put my hair over my eye, that Silver punched, to keep from my friends to worry about me. "Are you ok?" Silver asked me. "I'm fine. Good fight." I said. Silver just smiled and gave me a thumbs up. We were headed somewhere else and I hope it was were we could rest.
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Interesting so far
on April 10, 2014