Immortal Sky

Immortal Sky

Sky Is Immortal. She Is A Vampire. When She Joins A New School, The Player Asks Her Out She Says Yes. Her Friends Tell Her He's A Player. What Does She Do? Read To Find Out! :D

published on April 07, 201417 reads 4 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

Joining The School -1-

''Jeez Mom! I Can Walk To School Myself!'' Sky Shouted. ''Yes. I Will Take You Everyday If Your Gonna Moan About It. Now Give Us A Kiss'' Said Skys Mom As She Pulled Sky's Face To Her Lips. ''Mom!'' She Shouted. ''I Will See You Later. Remember To Call Me At Lunch!'' She Shouted As She Drove Off With Skys Younger Brother Called George. He Was Two A Week Ago. The Player Boys Name Is Ethan. He Sees The Whole Chat Between Sky And Her Mum. '' Wow... Shes Really Pretty... Such An Easy Victim!'' He Whispers To His Mate Joe. '' Oh Hi!'' Sky Said As She Walked Past. '' New Girl.... She's Really Pretty!'' Said Joe To Ethan. '' Haha That's Why She Is Perfect To Cheat On!'' Said Ethan In A Devilish Mannor. Joe Liked Sky. Why Did He Have To Pick Her To Cheat On Anyway?
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