Netflix Movie and Show Ideas

Netflix Movie and Show Ideas

I'm obsessed with directing, literally, that's what I'd like to do with my life!! I hope you like the following ideas, and maybe I'll get lucky and someone's parents are directors and will make it a big blockbuster. COPYRIGHTED UNTIL 2060

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Chapter 1.
Decision Makers(Movie)

Decision Makers(Movie)

(Woman with brown hair)
(Man with brown hair)

Decision Makers
Mia Dexter *woman* is about as fragile as a leaf, and after graduating from Yale is looking for bright new beginnings and not boys, of any kind. She wants to save marriage for AFTER she's got a full time job as a doctor (please be a doctor) but one guy might just change her plans....

Nathan Carson *man* ,ladies man and always drunk, has his eyes on the hot new doctor, Mia, but unfortanuely she thinks he's a bad boy...and she's thinking right. But will his mind give up his reputation...all for a dream girl?

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Pretty cool, but maybe add a bit more.
on April 28, 2015