My Knight in Epic Armor: The Adventures of Archer_Angel and Laggings

My Knight in Epic Armor: The Adventures of Archer_Angel and Laggings

So the poll I put on my page, questioning what story I should do, is done. And it was a tie between Superheroes and Minecraft :3 Because I never voted, I chose Minecraft, because, well, there aren't enough minecraft stories! So I hope you enjoy, because this is partly based off of me and my boyfriend playing on a server, and on skype at the same time. So I hope you enjoy this!

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The Begining

The Begining

Ok People, Before I begin this story, I want to ask you all something! If you guys like this a lot, would you want me to add minecraft youtubers? just say yes or no!
            “ANGEL!!!!!!” In the distance, in the middle of the woods, laughter is heard, echoing through the thin night air.
            “ANGEL!!!!! WHY YOU DO DIS?!?!?!!?!” Two people are seen, running. A knight and an angel. The angel, her halo above her head, runs faster, her melodic laughter interrupted by the knights screaming. In the distance, a blue creeper is seen watching them, laughing his head off.
            “LAGGINGS!!! haha You… should… have… seen… your FACE!” She shouted, in between breaths. Laggings, distracted by shouting, trips and falls on his face. Archer_angel (You should have known it was her :P ) fell down clutching her sides, laughing so hard, that she hadn’t noticed the sun setting. Laggings, getting up from falling, got up and dusted himself off.
            “Jeez, Angel, why do you have to put lava… IN MY FRICKEN HOUSE?!” He screamed, looking around for her. Meanwhile, Angel, still clutching her sides sits up, breathing heavily. ‘I wonder if Laggings downloaded the mod to stop Reaper…’ She shuddered, remembering the hacker that destroyed everything in this world. She gets up and dusts herself off.
            ‘I wonder where Laggings is...’ She asked herself as she headed off in a random direction in the woods. The moon lit up the dark forest as she walked. A sensation that someone was watching her made her shiver. ‘Don’t be such a baby! Its nothing! Well at least I hope so...’ She scolded herself. ‘Look behind you!’ A loud voice shrieked in her head. A twig snapped behind her as she whipped around. Pulling out her enchanted gold sword, she grips it tightly as the sound of crunching grass approaches her.   
‘Oh Shit, Oh Shit, Oh Shit.’ She felt someone lightly tap her shoulder. She whipped around and screamed. A mutant Enderman was standing right behind her. It’s four arms stretched outwards in all directions. It’s mouth hung open
In another part of the forest, Laggings stops in his tracks. A scream echoed throughout the woods. ‘Angel never screams… its probably the mod not functioning properly…’ he says to himself, hoping he was right. His anxiety got the best of him as he headed off in the direction of the scream…
The enderman stood staring at her. Archer_Angel, fixated in the enderman’s eyes, didn’t notice it slowly reaching towards her. The enderman, with mongoose speed, (If you don’t know how fast they are, look it up), grabbed her and disappeared.
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