The World From My View.

The World From My View.

This is the story of my everyday life, what I go through, what I think about. (Just know that this is pretty depressing, and I'm more of a freestyle/poet) (Language)

published on January 16, 201312 reads 12 readers 4 not completed

In The Morning.

I wake up to the sound of a blaring alarm clock. I sit up, glaring at the stupid thing and press "SNOOZE". I get up, rub my eyes, and walk into the bathroom. I brush my teeth quietly and fix my hair so it'll lay down for at least an hour. I go downstairs and look if my dad is awake yet. No, as usual. I pack my bag and grab my water. I take my computer out from my bag and a new message shows up:

"GO DIE IN HELL YOU SLUT." It's from my friend, Anna. Everyone, even my friends have given up on me now. A single tear falls from my face as I "X" out the message. I close my computer, pack it up, and wait in the car. Dad gets in the driver's seat and starts the car.

"Good morning." He says.

"Yeah." I say with a hint of sarcasm. "Good morning." I look out the window of the passenger's seat and stay quiet. It takes fifteen minutes to get to school, and I grab my books and open the door when we get there.

"I love you." My father says. He never said it.

"I love you too, dad." I say. I close the door and walk in. Hell on earth. High School, on Monday.
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Comments (4)

Lol if Monday he'd I face I'd punch it
on February 22, 2017
I know what you mean
on June 19, 2013
Thank you. I'm sorry that you go through this. It sucks, I know.
on February 26, 2013
It's depressing, and a lot like my life... I like it.
on February 12, 2013