the revenge

the revenge

the girl named cindy has been murdered and her best friend sia wants to take the revenge.

published on May 09, 201412 reads 7 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

sia is on the way

sia wants to know how cindy died as it was not an accident.she goes in her college to find out the truth .she inquires paanwala''kya aap cindy ko jaante hai."he says"woh toh bari pyaari beti hai,sabka bahut madat karti hai."then hew says that before her death she was in depression.sia asked "chacha who  are her good friends he says :soha and Sylvia.thenb sia goes in search for the two of them
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Comments (1)

Worst. Story. Ever. No offense but it made no sense and was only like two chapters long.
on September 30, 2014