Hidden Among the trees

A young girl tries to find her way through living in the wild adapting to her new surroundings and dealing with a new relationship. Will she learn or will her past come back to do more than haunt her?

published on April 21, 201418 reads 6 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

The first time they met

Nevaeh's POV

Ugh I thought as I picked up my things from the front porch. As I turned around I bumped into him. Great I thought.
"Why are you here?" I asked angrily.
"Need a place to stay?"
"Yeah, why?"
"I know a place where you can stay."
"Why are you helping me don't you hate me?"
"Cant I just be a nice guy?"
"As long as it is a nice place and not a dump."
"Trust me it is a really nice place. While we are heading there stay close and don't wander off okay?"
"Okay lets get going"
As we started walking to his place. I stuck close to Damian holding his arm in mine and he helped with my bags. I had three bags in all two with my clothes and one with all my electronics. I had a small bag with all my makeup as well. we continued straying farther and farther into the forest. Then finally made it to a large building that looked like a castle.
"There are 10 rooms in this place you and I will have to share a room okay?" Asked Damian
"Yeah, okay I guess but don't get any crazy ideas this is only temporary."
"Fine, I really don't like you anyways."
"Sure you don't"
Damian blushed slightly not enough for me to see it so much. He showed me around the house. First, I met everybody who lived there. All orphans, there was 10 of them including the owner of the "palace" I met Michy, Mike, Ramond, Rycha, Charlie, Charlotte, Marcus the owner, and his wife Machelle. I thought about my best friend was she going to be okay? She lived there too I wondered if she got kicked out as well. I knew that Rosie , the foster families real daughter, loved my best friend. I missed her so. She HAD moved with them I knew that much. Damian interrupted my daydream as we continued on the tour. Then he showed me where he and I would be sleeping in the room there were two beds I picked one closer to the wall and not the window. After that he showed me the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, and the forbidden places in the "palace".
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Alright got any ideas on what should happen I have had a bit of writers block?
on May 19, 2014