The way life came to be

A short story about many peoples beliefs on how people and the world were made.

published on March 20, 20143 reads 2 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1: the beginning of the earth.

In the beginning there was one person a little boy name Kiroki. Kiroki was a little boy with blue hair, green legs, and every other color you can think of all over his body . Well Kiroki was a lonely boy who lived no where. When Kiroki would play with his only toy, a small round ball, his colors would rub off onto the ball. When Kiroki was about 9 years old he left his little toy ball in the middle of his "home" and when he did the little ball grew larger, and larger until it was big enough for Kiroki to live on it. So Kiroki finally found a home. Not only one that was full of friends but one with all the colors of Kiroki. He called his new home, earth.
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