Lost (2)

Lost (2)

Bonnie just found her true love but something happens that will change her life. More like end it.

published on March 11, 20149 reads 3 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.
The Salty Air

The Salty Air

I sit at the end of the dock. My feet dipped in the water. I sit next to my best friend, Maggie. We talk about school and how all of the popular kids have everything they need. We both wish we were popular but what's the use. I's not going to help you when you go to college or anything.
   "Bonnie," says Maggie, "I have to tell you something, important."
   "Maggie, you can tell me anything you want." I respond.
   Maggie's red hair blows in the wind. The air is salty because of the salt water my feet are in.
   "Well," Maggie hesitates, "I'm dating Chad Ellen." She says it so fast I barley even know what's she's saying.
   "Wait, you mean the blond hair blue eyed guy. Who is in almost all of our classes." I say it so fast and exited I almost fall into the sea.
   "Ya!" She responds. We jump up and down together and we somehow end up in the sea water. I don't know that will be one of my last moments alive.
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Comments (1)

nice but i dont really get the end plz tell me
on March 11, 2014