Staying Strong

Staying Strong

15 year old Casey Mantail is stuck with a crush who never notices her, a group of snobby chic mean girls, and a best friend who happens to be forgetting more and more about Casey. What's the deal? Discover High School in a real nerd version (I am a nerd no need 4 offensive comments I will just block u and erase your comment (s) ) and choose some of the chapters for Casey.

published on March 06, 201428 reads 25 readers 4 not completed

Unexpected Beginnings

Who else climbed Mount Everest and proved to the world that she was smart?
EEEW! First of all....
Y would someone get all dirty?
PFT! Oh wait wrong story....

I'm Casey Mantail, 15 years old, total geek, and in love with Hudson Carter, THE hottest guy at Bekrine High School. Then again, who wouldn't call him hot. Even his ex-girlfriend Jenna Karm doesn't know why she broke up with such a "hottie". ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, that's all I was thinking when Mrs. Lanier kept on shouting (like literally, don't think she has a quiet bone in her body) about the Woman's Suffrage Moment. I don't get it. If women (or 15 year old girls in this case) are suffering from social meltdown and society scares then what did Susan B. Anthony do exactly?

Gag me with a towel.
Wait don't.
That could hurt.

What I mean to say is, don't let me hear another word about Susan unless she's solved high scholars problem with boys and best friends and mean girls. My best friend is the School Text Extravaganza in human form. Her name is Maya Bounty and she's texting me like crazy right now. Guess what happened?

That's my phone ringtone by the way....need to change it from who's in now? Elvis Presley?
Anyways, Mrs. Lanier notices. She might be as stupid and boring as Picasso in high heels, but boy can she HEAR! Maya has gotten in trouble plenty of times for showing out and texting.

"Mrs.Mantail" -giggles from the other students- "Would you like to show us your text message?" Mrs. Lanier raised her eyebrows. My cheeks got warm and I remembered that Hudson was in the class. OMG, no!!

"Um ok." I handed her the phone while Maya gave me a glance of sympathy. I really wish I could strangle her. "From Maya: Um, but u know that evry girl is crushin on Hudson. Wat chance do you hav?" I read slowly. Laughter sprang up and Hudson stared at me curiously with a hint of disgust. I walked back to my seat and cried for the longest time.

"Oh and Casey. Stay behind for a while" Mrs. Lanier said as the bell rang.
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keep the good work up! ur a talented writer :O)
on March 06, 2014
on March 06, 2014
I will and today too! No worries my friend!
on March 06, 2014
Make more!
on March 06, 2014