How I Got My Budgies!

How I Got My Budgies!

This is going to be a story about my budgies! There will be a chapter about each of them, how I got them, and what budgies are, and how they are great pets! P.S- They love to land on your head! :>

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Chapter 1.

Intro: All About Budgies!

Budgie stands for Budgerigar. Budgerigars are small Australian parakeets that have long tails and eat seeds. In the wild they are only found as having green bodies, yellow heads, and black barring on the wings. They can now be seen with blue, grey, and even purple and white body colors, and they can have black, brown, grey, or clear wing barring, some budgies have even been bred to have clear flight feathers, some even have crest atop of their heads! Budgerigars are now the worlds third most popular pet, underneath the normal dog and cat, because of their small size, beautiful plumage, low c0st, and their ability to mimic human speech.
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