I had felt like doing one on a friend who is a boy and no i do not like him he just a very nice person that i care about so im just going to wirte this peom okay relax sit back and have fun hope u like it

published on January 11, 201316 reads 15 readers 2 completed
a Friend

a Friend

here i go when you talk to me its like i cant stop talking
                                                                               when im anger you are there to clam me down
when im sad and i dont wanna talk about it you cheer me up like my on little sunshine
                                                                                                                           when i talk to u and i say how are u
you say better now my heart warms up when you say
                                                                                 whats wrong i know you care
when you stop and say never mind it bugs me i wanna know what you where going to ask

some say that boys and girls cant be friends well they can
                                                                                 like i once told u there is a shooting star up ahead make a wish
you said you did and you think about me u are near i am far
                                                                                       away but my friend whos a friend that i care about
i wanted to say that i care about you more then you even know
                                                                                            im funny your funny lol to all thats all i wonder
how r u
                   u might say better now
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Comments (2)

I did You're great a writing poems!
on January 12, 2013
im not done i just wanted to post this so enjoy
on January 11, 2013