whow twilight got her wings

She went to pinkie rarity aj rainbows flutters to adk hoew to get her wing s

published on February 26, 20148 reads 8 readers 2 completed

getting ready to have ..

I went to raritys to ask how can i get wings  she said that wear a bunny costume im like what the heck rars your stuiped by.so that didnt work im gone home im on facebook she took a photo of me in that bunny thing ohh im gonna kill you then she came in looked for her and rainbow was in bed with her what you to lesdbians no rainbow said im a stallion and you never told me yeah duh but i be3n in bed with all of yous well not with you twilight said rainbow well why not have it now then rarity hot upset and went to flutters why does she have to take my boys i wad first in bed flutters fid you ho in bed with him yy.,.... yyyee......yes it was so good that my bed broke i must have it again uuih im going said rarity she went to ajs  and asked her the same but she said yes is was awesome his point hot in my but my boobs in his face  i must have it again huh im going said rarity she went to pinkies she adked she said yes it wad brolliant it was smooth aa  baby thats it i said in bed  ooooooo did you have it noooooo eell too bad you never had sex   the end
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I don't intend to be mean and all,but this story had a lot of spelling errors,and it also wasn't that good
on March 14, 2016
on May 25, 2014