Zero a warrior of Knightingale banished from his home he must slay the Dragon king Valunce in order to be given his home and here are his adventures along the way.

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Chapter 1.


In the continent of Aris there are 5 realms Wroth, Angil, Deos, Magis, and Zeayon. Aris is the homeland of all sentient beings and held the first golden age and prospered. But all good things must come to a end and the Demons and Angels started fighting then the other species were pulled in and forced to fight each other. The humans sided with the angels and the beasts with demons and that was where the hatred began. After the war a council of elders decided to split the people to avoid conflict .Wroth is the land of monsters , the terrain is very diverse and few humans reside in it .However great treasures also lie in Wroth luring adventurers to both death and fortune, in the highest mountain of Wroth lies the dragon king Valunce with enough treasure to make a entire realm rich. Angil is the land of angels and good spirits their realm does not lie on the ground, no it lies in the sky with cities of gold. Deos the land of demons and evil spirits lies underground with flames and lava pools and cities made of onyx. Magis is a land for those who swore they would keep peace and is home to the guardians. Zeayon is the land of humanoids , very proud they hold a grudge  against the monsters and.... "Zero go to sleep its almost midnight!" Mom said angrily. "But mom I am reading Dads book."  I said.
Mom sighs. "Fine go to bed after you finish that chapter." "Yes!" "Make that a sentence."//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Author note
This is my first story so don't get angry at me okay? well like if you want more. This is dead justice signing out.
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I like the plot of it! It's very interesting but with all of my other stories I don't I'd be able to take it over. But I would love to read more!
on March 08, 2014