the tale of the hallow

The mystery that no one has solved.Will you solve it?The following events are true.there was only one record of this happening and it was found In Wiltshire England.Jeremy disappeared age 21.Michael died age 19.they're aunt rose died age 45

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the brothers grim

In 1920 a man named Michael Stevens and his brother Jeremy Stevens were visiting they're aunt in Ireland,they had a 5 hour trip to they're aunts home but when they got there they're aunt was nowhere to be found their was just a giant mess and broken windows. The brothers looked at each other in shock,they tried to find a phone but there were none in the household. The brothers decided since it was dark they would stay the night.Michael got in bed first and noticed something strange..there was a huge scratch on the ceiling he showed jeremy, since Jeremy once worked at a zoo once in London he recognized the scratch marks, they were from a panther.Michael and Jeremy were very confused about that.later on that night Jeremy grabbed a journal and wrote about what happened.the weirdest part is when he wrote down that he just heard something push open the door then he wrote he heard what sounded like two people coming towards him.the page ends there with drops of blood on the page. They're aunt was found dead behind her house with three claw marks across her chest, she died from blood loss.Jeremy was never found...but Michael was found two miles away floating in a river with more than ten claw marks on his body.No one knows who or what killed they're aunt and her nephews.
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Did the panther escape from the zoo and kill them?
on February 19, 2014